OhmBet Sportsbook

Ohmbet is a newer online sportsbook that offers an impressive range of features at first glance. Before deciding if the site is as good as it looks on the surface, we wanted to take a closer look at all that it has to offer. That's why we decided to put together a full review of the sportsbook. Below is our complete overview of the site and the experience that we had while testing it out. Read it and decide if OhmBet is the right site for you.

Creating your Account

One of the first things that we look at when judging a new sportsbook is how difficult the registration process is. By setting up a new account and getting started there we can gauge just how difficult all of that is. At OhmBet the process was simple and straightforward. Getting started is as easy as selecting your country and entering some basic information about your identity and your payment method. After you complete a few short forms and work out the deposit method you want to use, you can become a member of the sportsbook and get started playing there. It only took a few minutes for us to go through this process.

Sports Coverage

After forming an account with OhmBet it was time to look at all the different coverage it offers for different sporting events. We weren't disappointed with the different options available. Whether you're interested in Football, American Football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, boxing, golf, table tennis, cricket, rugby or a range of other sporting events, there is excellent coverage for most popular sports from around the world. There is also the option to view sports filtered by country, so you can select options that are most popular in your part of the world.

eSports Betting Options

There is an impressive range of eSports betting options available at OhmBet as well for gamblers that are interested in the online events. Members can place wagers on big matches in Starcraft and Starcraft 2 as well as events from Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Go, Overwatch and Hearthstone. With so many different games to wager on there are options for everyone interested in eSports wagering at OhmBet.

Place Wagers on Worldwide Sporting Events

There's no better time to start sports betting than during a major worldwide event such as the World Cup. There are dozens of different wagering opportunities throughout the days of the World Cup and similar events, and it's a great time to be a member of a site like OhmBet that follows all the different developments of the event closely.

OhmBet Promotions

New promotional offers are being added to OhmBet regularly. We were impressed with the range of bonuses offered during the time of our testing. There was a straight Sports Betting welcome bonus that serves as a deposit match to help you get the most out of your initial deposit into the site. There was also a powerful betting combo boost to increase the reward potential of combination wagers placed. OhmBet was also offering a UFC-specific bonus for players to take advantage of. New bonuses are added frequently, and members of the site can also make use of casino-specific bonuses as well if that's you're sort of thing. With so many different promotional offers to choose from, there is always something to look forward to as a member of OhmBet.

Mobile Support

OhmBet is built on a modern platform, and because of that, it will work on most mobile devices. The service will load right up and run smoothly on tablets and mobile phones without issue. Players that want to place wagers while on the go, will love how effective the OhmBet platform is for doing that.

The Sportsbook App

There is no app to worry about as a member of OhmBet. Instead, players can make use of the web browser on their mobile device for placing wagers, looking at stats and keeping up on the latest developments in their sporting event of choice. The web browser version of the platform is smooth and easy to use and a lot of fun to make use of as well.

Exploring the Odds

Odds for each decision are displayed prominently right beside where you can place a wager at OhmBet. This makes it quick and easy to make betting decisions and to get the most out of every wager that you place on the platform. While some platforms are happy to leave wagerers guessing about which wager is the best option available, OhmBet offers clear data that supports the different options available for wagering. This makes it simple to choose a quality option every single time you place a wager at the sportsbook.

Placing a Free Bet

There are no free bet promotions avialble at OhmBet at this time. With that said, you don't have to make a very large deposit into your acocunt when getting started with the sportsbook. While you will have to put in a little money to test out the platform and all it has to offer, you can keep that initial deposit to a limited amount until you are comfortable with how OhmBet functions.

The Sportsbook Limits

OhmBet offers generous maximum wagers, making it a favorable sportsbook for high-rollers looking to place wagers on their favorite sporting events. There are many different wagering options and bet types that you can utilize while playing at OhmBet, making it easy to bet your way every single time.

Exploring the Betting Trends

By looking at past betting trends on OhmBet you can see how other players are wagering and use that to factor in your final decision to place a bet of your own. There is ample information like this available for most wager types, giving serious gamblers something else to think about when making an important bet decision every single time.

Different Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When it comes time to make your deposit into OhmBet or to withdraw winnings from the platform there are plenty of different options to work with. Gamblers can rely on something basic and familiar like Visa or MasterCard to complete the initial deposit. They can also rely on eWallet services like Neteller and Skrill to do the job. Bitcoin is a supported payment method at the casino, and there is a wide range of regional payment options for players around the country to make use of as well. Before considering joining the sportsbooks yourself take a look through the different banking options available, and decide if one of the potions will work for you. Make sure you have a withdrawal option as well as a deposit option that will work, in order to avoid any issues taking out any winnings that you acquire while playing at OhmBet.

OhmBet Doesn't Offer a Forum

Som sportsbooks today offer forums for their players, OhmBet doesn't offer that option. That doesn't mean that you can't communicate with other players that use OhmBet, it just means you'll have to rely on an independent forum to complete that task. In order to do that you simply have to join a popular forum and start posting in a section dedicated to OhmBet. Players come together on leading sports betting forums and talk with one another about this sportsbook and their experience there.

Getting Help Using the Customer Service

If you do run into an issue with OhmBet while using the platform, there are a few differnet help options available to you. There is an in-depth FAQ section that you can rely on to answer many of your questions. This section is simple to use and answers many common questions that many players have had in the past. If that doesn't offer you the answers you're looking for, you can also rely on the live chat function. Fill out a short form and you'll be connected with a live chat support member to get the help you need. Either way, getting help at OhmBet is quick and easy.

OhmBet is a newer sportsbook but a capable one. The site covers most sporting events that players deem important from around the world and offers enough promotions, data and wagering options to keep serious gamblers happy for a long time. If you're interested in placing a few sportsbets of your own, you'll come to appreciate all the different features that OhmBet has to offer its members.