Dead or Alive Slots

Dead or Alive Slots

Dead or Alive Slots is a NetEnt title that delivers on an Old West feel and offers fantastic rewards! This 5x3 reel configuration offers nine paylines with an RTP of 96.82%. Dead or Alive Slots is a an easy to learn title with somewhat high volatility and a ton of thematic symbols to match!

From revolvers to tumbleweeds, NetEnt has nailed the feel of an old timey shootout in the middle of the Wild West. Players will need to be on their toes as rewards and free spins are always around the corner, or possibly in the saloon! Symbols range from filled shot glasses to sheriff badges, and wanted posters to cowboy hats! Every emblem has meaning and each one is as fun to match as the next! Matching paylines is key to winning big, so players will want to know these symbols and when to wager big!

Wanted posters do act as wilds in Dead or Alive Slots, and due to the high volatility of this game, finding these Wilds and attaining free spins can mean everything! When players drain their balance somewhat easily chasing the gun, they can still rely on free spins to accrue much needed bonuses in the nick of time!

Sticky Wilds are what wanted posters become when matched, and these are the key to success in Dead or Alive Slots! Sticky Wilds offer not only 5 more free spins on top of being matched, they also offer up to a 2x multiplier on each wager and this can keep chaining for up to all 29 free spins!

Dead or Alive Slots is a seriously lucrative game and undoubtedly one of NetEnt's most longstanding and popular. This is a fan favorite game because of how fun chasing Wilds and jackpots can be! Up to 12000x a single wager can be the players with a single spin of the reel, the mega jackpot is always tallying upwards and visible to the player which only adds to the enticement!

The demo version of this longstanding and popular NetEnt title offers a demo mode which includes a thousand free play credits. Players can max wager each spin and see what types of prizes and volatility Dead or Alive Slots truly offers. NetEnt welcomes players of all skill levels and is available on Mac, Desktop and Mobile! Those new to slots gaming shouldn't hesitate to register an account and play on one of the many available optimized platforms today!