NBA MVP Betting Odds and Predictions

The long winding NBA pre-season has started and teams will spend time fine tuning their offensive and defensive systems, acclimating new players both veterans and rookies, and multiple new head coaches will also be getting their start. There are a variety of storylines with "The Big 3" breaking up and a talented rookie class. With all these teams there are multiple candidates for the MVP award.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the odds on favorite to win the NBA championship and its new/old star Lebron James is the odds on favorite to win yet another MVP award (3/2) The MVP is an individual award and it shows in the fact that the Spurs are the defending NBA champions yet they don't have anyone amongst the MVP candidates with Tony Parker being the closest at 80/1.

Other candidates to consider:
  • Kevin Durant (11/4) his scoring ability always makes him a candidate
  • Blake Griffin (9/1) apparently he now has 3 point range
  • Derrick Rose (10/1) is coming off injury but has won the award before

These players are the marquee names in the NBA and are favorites because of their skills and because the casual fan will recognize their name.

Less popular but just as likely candidates include:
  1. Anthony Davis (25/1) was dominant over the summer and is on his way to elite status
  2. LaMarcus Aldridge ( 33/1) his improved team helps him get recognized.

Either way it is sure to be an exciting season of NBA action.