Boxing Betting Guide - Bet Types, Boxing Betting Previews

Internet Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of betting options that are superior to your local bookie. Online Sportsbooks have matured as an industry and offer the latest ineCommerce and betting options to make your betting experience safe and secure. For more info on Sportsbook Deposit Methods to Bet on Boxing Online.

Boxing Betting Options

Moneyline Bet

The basic bet in boxing will who will win the fight. This is called a Moneyline bet. For example, the boxing betting odds displayed in American Odds on an online Sportsbook will look like:

IBF Welterweight Title - Palm Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada, US - Sat August 2nd @ 11pm EST Both must fight for action. Singles Only.

  • Joshua Clottey -240
  • Zab Judah +190

In this betting line Clottey is the favorite at -240, meaning that you would have to bet $240 to win $100. The underdog is Judah +190 meaning that for every $100 bet you would win $190. You do not have to bet $100. The betting line is a patio ratio and that will be applied to how much you wager.

Boxing Props - Total Rounds

Boxing Props or Boxing Proposition Bets refer to bets on an event other than the outcome of the match. For example a popular Boxing Prop is on how many rounds the fight will go.

Total Rounds Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito

Both boxers must answer opening bell for wager to have action. Simply predict whether or not the fight will go over 1 minute and 30 seconds into the 10th round. Max $500

  • Over Rounds 91/2 (-200)O
  • Under Rounds 91/2 (+160)U

In this proposition bet the 91/2 refers to the Over/Under Total for rounds that you will be betting on. If you think the fight will go OVER 91/2 rounds then the payout odds are -200 meaning that you would have to bet $200 to win $100. In this betting line the OVER is the expected outcome. The UNDER Total has a payout of +160 meaning that you would bet $100 to win $160.

Line Posting Times

Depending on the popularity of the fight online Sportsbooks will post lines when they are able to get a source to handicap the fight an post a betting line. Popular super fights will have lines posted a month or several weeks in advance. Many Sportsbooks will just post their betting line 24-48 hours prior to an event. Many bettors will just bet the day of the event and it does not make sense for a Sportsbook to post their betting line early. All of the online Sportsbooks that we recommend will post the major boxing matches.