Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is a recent phenomenon, but can be done on almost all mobile devices and at most online sportsbooks. In the last few years, smartphones have become an essential tool to everyday life. Walking down the street in any major metropolitan city you are sure to see people on either their Blackberry, iPhone, Android or similar smartphone device.

These days, you can do anything on a smartphone including sportsbetting. Blackberry betting has become popular amongst the business elite, as their blackberry is already an extension of their arm, so placing a bet on blackberry is often easier than at a computer.

iPhone betting is simple and easy to use and they are so app oriented that many gamblers are realizing the convenience of having their favorite casino or sportsbook walking around in their pocket 24/7. There are already a number of sportsbook apps where you can follow lines and sports scores in real time.

After reviewing multiple mobile betting sportsbooks for their compatibility on different devices, here are the best of the best options for sportsbetting on your smartphone.