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You wouldn't believe what you can bet on today! Whether it's Reality TV or eSports, almost anything you do and keep up with on a regular basis is up for grabs in the online betting world. Make your life more interesting and make a quick buck with us!

What Crazy Things Can You Bet on Anyway?

You wouldn't believe the kinds of things you can bet on today! The internet's truly made everything profitable if you're willing to make the investment.

One of the most popular and odd things that people bet on is the international celebrity scene. Who's going to win the Oscar for best actor? Who's going to get that Golden Globe this year? Is the first baby between the new Prince and Princess of England going to be a boy, girl, or just plain butt ugly? These are the concerns that keep us up at night, for better or worse, and you can bet on them to your heart's content, rather than just reading about them in the tabloids. It's like gossiping with your friends, only worldwide, and with a payout added to it!

Game shows and such are also pretty popular when it comes to how people are looking to bet online. X Factor is a popular one, being an intense competition that ends with only one winner. Until now, as if you make the right bet, you'll be a winner too! That's way easier than trying really hard and doing all kinds of strange and crazy things.

You can also try your hand at predicting reality TV and what's afoot in Hollywood at the time. The Apprentice, American Idol, Big Brother, and more are all up for betting. It makes keeping up with these shows a lot more fun because you now have skin in the game. And on top of that, you can actually increase your chances of winning by making smart bets based on what you see on TV. You really have little control when it comes to betting on most things, but these shows have clear tells as to who will win, lose, or simply be booted off the island, making it a lot more accessible and easier to make a profit on.

Politics is also part of the mix, for better or worse! The last big American election was a huge upset, and you could have profited on it if you made the right decisions there. The odds were surely stacked against one side of that one, which managed to come out on top, along with anyone putting down the money to support them! It also makes elections more fun because you have more skin in the game in the outcome. Not that you didn't already, but it's a very different thing to bet on the results of an election than it is to simply think about it and discuss it with your friends. Bets on these things are unique, in that we don't always know when they're going to close. That's also part of the fun, however, like a lottery ticket that will randomly come due, and with a much higher chance of paying out than a real lottery ticket!

You can also bet on card tournaments such as Poker. This is one of the most popular things, whether that's because it's related to gambling or not. We can't all be the best card player, but we can all make a quick buck by betting on who is the best card player, which is preferred to taking the time to play in the tournaments and train and all manner of other things that amount to much harder work than the easy money which online betting provides.

A lot of people are surprised to find that they can even bet on the weather! Yes, that's right. You don't just have to bet on the outcome of man-made things. You can now win a quick buck on whether or not your town is going to have a white Christmas, or whether this summer's going to be a lot longer than usual. This is a fun thing for people in regions with diverse weather tend to get in on, and is made even better when their bets pay off for them!

eSports is also part of the mix, which are growing to eclipse many other sports in the modern age. We're not sure we'd consider it a 'sport' in the traditional sense, but we are sure that it tends to be very entertaining to watch, and when you're not good enough to compete, betting on the latest competition is a next best thing! DoTA2, Dragon Fighterz, Star Craft, Overwatch, you name it, you can bet on it, and come out richer for it.

There's no limit to the odd things you can bet on with this, the above being some of the highlights that we personally enjoy the most. You can even bet on who's going to die in a given year, as morbid and foreboding as that sounds!

Why are People Betting on this Stuff?

Simply put: it works, and it's fun! Unlike betting on a horse race, with reality TV, film awards, and things of that nature, you actually have a chance to evaluate things in an intuitive way and increase your odds of winning. In many cases, you're going to be keeping up with these things anyway, so we not make a buck off of it and keep it interesting?

How We Help you Win Money Online

It's hard to know where to bet, who to trust, and how all of this works. We take care of all that for you, let you bet with peace of mind, and do so with a fun sense of humor along the way. We're betting alongside you, and half the reason we do this is to know who and what to bet on ourselves! This site's about getting rich together in very unconventional ways that all avoid hard work.