Voucherstation - Deposit Method at USA Sportsbooks

The popularity of the website Voucherstation has increased dramatically. This is a great new service also known as EZ Voucher that allows anyone wanting to make purchases online to do so. Voucherstation is not just a new payment method, but a safe and simple way to buy online.

To use the service, you will have to click the registration tab on the main website. This only takes a couple of minutes. Just by browsing the website when it loads, you can see that it is not difficult to navigate or understand. The initial registration is completed in a few short steps. User Account registration will require that you have a mobile cell number that you will need for registration to be confirmed. You will also need your current email address to use it to for correspondence.

Did you know that Voucherstation is a free service? This might be a surprise to you, but this is a payment processor that does not charge fees for consumers to use this service. There are even no annual fees. Like other payment methods, you will be required to register your credit card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by Voucherstation. The website will have to verify that the credit card you sign up with belongs to you, and your status is treated as Unverified until you do so. It will charge a small amount to your credit card and place a one time pin code alongside it in your credit card account. You will need to make a note of this amount and the pin code, and input this on the website to complete the verification process. Of course Voucherstation will refund the small amount that is debited from your credit card.

Voucherstation is ideal for those people who would like to protect their credit card details when they have to buy items from the Internet. It is relatively easy to use the Voucherstation service. In your User Account you will have the ability to choose from premade vouchers or make your own voucher. When you make your own voucher, you will have to put in how much you would like the voucher to be, the merchant category and create the voucher. Whether you choose a premade promotional voucher or create one, you will then need to authorize your credit card to purchase the voucher. You will need your mobile phone to receive a pin number to complete your voucher purchase. After it is successfully bought, you can then use the voucher on shopping websites that offer Voucherstation as a payment method.

A quality sportsbook that has adopted the use of Voucherstation is Sportsbetting.ag. It was one of the first sportsbooking websites to make use of this easy and convenient payment method. Therefore, players on Sportsbetting.ag can fund their accounts with these vouchers to use them in areas such as the casino and poker rooms.