NFL Betting News - Seattle Seahawks Get WR Robinson and Colbert | St. Louis Rams 91/2 Point Dog Vs Seahawks

September 16, 2008 - The Seattle Seahawks have signed WR Koren Robinson and traded for WR Keary Colbert to bolster their depleted wide receiver depth. WR Robinson was signed to a 1 year deal according to agent Alvin Keels. Seattle traded a conditional draft pick to Denver to acquire WR Keary Colbert. Seattle has their top 6 wide receivers on their injured list and Robinson and Colbert are expected to receive significant playing time on Sundays game against the St. Louis Rams. The bet line opened at -10 favorite for the Seattle Seahawks and has dropped to -91/2 with news that Seattle has acquired two new receivers.

St. Louis Rams Vs Seattle Seahawks Point Spread Bet Odds

St. Louis Rams +91/2 -110
Seattle Seahawks -91/2 -110

St. Louis Rams Vs Seattle Seahawks Moneyline Bet Odds

St. Louis Rams +10 +400
Seattle Seahawks -10 -500

St. Louis Rams Vs Seattle Seahawks Total Bet Odds

Over 431/2 -110
Under 431/2 -110

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