Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghouls Gold combines eerie game design with simple classic slot appeal for gamblers who want to celebrate all creepy in this world without having to learn complicated gambling mechanics used by some slots. The game looks basic, but it has a few hidden tricks you might not expect. It's these tricks that made us want to review the game, and it's the surprises that will keep you interested after the first 20 minutes of gameplay.

Complicated Wagering

The wagering in this game is overly complicated and will require you to make several different adjustments. The slot has between one and three paylines, it offers between 1 and 5 coins wagered, and it has different coin values. It's up to you to set all those other values to wager a low of $0.05 and a high of $15.00. You must go through all the different settings to get an adjustment that works well for you.

Simple Classic Design with Hold Feature

This game has a basic classic slot design with just three reels. It does have three paylines, giving you several ways to win, but it's simple to manage, as every classic should be. The game is a bit unique because it has a hold feature below each of the different reels. You can use this feature to lock in a reel that will likely be profitable. Hold a reel with good symbols, and you can try to win again.

Instant Jackpot Prize Payout

This game has an instant jackpot prize you can trigger by getting three jackpot symbols. It's only worth 500 coins, but it's the best single payline win you can get while playing the slot. If you care about winning big, you should be watching for this prize payout opportunity.

An Intense Ghost Clicking Bonus

This game comes locked with a unique bonus round that has you click on as many flying ghosts as possible before they leave the screen. Certain colored ghosts are worth more than others, and you'll want to click for those first above all else. The round triggers when you get three bonus ghost symbols on the same payline. Do that, and you'll be clicking like crazy trying to catch as much cash as possible.

Ghouls Gold is entertaining, and the ghost bonus round was unexpected. The fast-paced clicking bonus is delightful, and the rest of the gameplay is simple enough for most gamblers to have a good time without becoming confused.