How Far Can Team USA Go in Brazil 2014?

The wave of excitement caused by Team USA beating Ghana in the dying seconds of a game that looked a certainty to end in a draw has caused a few sports betting fans to ask the question, just how far can the USA go in this World Cup 2014, and is there even a hope of getting out of that difficult group stage? In a group that contains Ghana, Germany and Portugal the initial reaction was that there was little hope of the USA getting through with the two European teams expected to qualify with ease, however the first group games saw Germany beat Portugal convincingly and USA beat Ghana, and that has got a few people thinking again.

The odds of winning the group have shifted dramatically, and although Germany are still huge favorites to qualify for the knockout stages as winners of the group, surprisingly, Team USA are now second favorites, ahead of Portugal. Germany are sure to qualify, they looked impressive first time out and will most likely sweep the USA and Ghana aside in their two remaining group games, and the real battle will be between the other three teams, and which one of them can secure second place in the group and get through into the last 16 teams.

Right now at Bovada Sportsbook you can get 9.00 on Team USA finishing in second place, with Portugal on 21.00 and Ghana way out there at 67.00 and those are some pretty good numbers, with plenty of money now going on the US to actually qualify. Looking at the remaining group games it really is all to play for and should the USA beat Portugal on Sunday 22nd June then they have qualified, it really is as simple as that, as with all due respect, before that game, Germany should have beaten Ghana, taking them fully out of the equation. There are of course many things that could happen, however a result of some kind against the Portuguese is crucial as the US cannot expect much from the Germany game. Should the US and Portugal draw, then it could even come down to goal difference and that would mean keeping things tight against Germany and hoping that Portugal don’t score a bag full against Ghana.

It really is all to play for and that last ditch goal against Ghana has changed the picture massively as far as US qualification hopes are concerned, and it appears that their main threat against getting through is held with the great Ronaldo. He didn’t really click into gear in Portugal's game against Germany and should he not find his shooting boots against the USA then there’s a great chance that it will be the Germans and the US going through what is a tough group. At odds of 9.00 to come home in second place, Bovada seem to think that there’s a great chance of that happening.