Jack and the Beanstalk Slots

Jack and the Beanstalk Slots is NetEnt's version of the classic children's fable in virtual casino form! This is a 5x3 reel game with over 20 pay lines to bet and is optimized for mobile, Mac, Linux and Windows! So many options for player to register today at www.sunshine-sportsbook.com and get in on the action!

NetEnt has created arguably the best looking slots game ever with it's retro animated design and full scale cut scenes! Jack and the Beanstalk Slots offers a true storyline for players who love role playing elements in games, and the thematic symbols all based on the classic story make it an instant classic!

Bets range from a dime to one hundred credits and Jack and the Beanstalk Slots has an RTP of 96.3% and a hit rate of 34.4%! This is a somewhat low volatility title with a great chance of not only getting one's money back, but earning free spins through collecting in game keys and Wilds! Jack and the Beanstalk Slots is a visceral adventure and one of the bigger surprises in NetEnt's library of already fantastic titles!

The collection of keys is important in Jack's escape from the giant, as that is the foreboding theme of this game as told through cinematics. Nine of the keys being collected will equate to the board being taken over by Golden Harp Wilds which shift and morph boards on the reel to align with only winning symbols! Finding such keys which morph the board will prove to be incredible valuable, this also knacks on to players aiming for the ultra jackpot of over 600,000 credits!

With ten bet lines and the advanced autoplay functionality, NetEnt has provided players a way to grind daily without ever getting board of the game's offerings. Jack and the Beanstalk Slots also offers a free play mode for new registrants that gives a thousand free credits to wager with in any which way! NetEnd introduces players to their titles in a feasible way, and the games themselves are innovative and addictive enough to keep players entranced!

Finding Golden Hens, Golden Keys and the metal chests with purple jewels buried inside is how players will unlock true wealth! Jack must find these emblems and escape the Giant before it is too late! Jack and the Beanstalk Slots is a blend of storytelling and gaming excellence with some of the most stacked jackpots in slots titles anywhere! Hop into the fun today and join Jack in his quest for riches!