London 2012 Olympics Basketball Odds

London 2012 Olympics Basketball Odds

On the men’s side of London 2012 basketball USA is the standout favorite to win the tournament. At 1/8 odds the Americans are way ahead of their closest competitors Spain (13/2) and Argentina (28/1). The Americans have always had a plethora of talent to choose from so it comes as no surprise they are the favorites.

Recently USA beat England by 40-points in a recent exhibition game. The Brits just did not have the experience or the man power to be competitive. Basketball is not a large part of sports in Britain so this loss was more about gaining experience and building knowledge in the fan base.

A great test of these odds rankings will come even before the Olympic Games begin. On Sunday July 22nd Argentina and USA will play an exhibition game and then on Tuesday July 24th Spain and USA face off in another exhibition game. The Americans will then have their first tournament game on Friday July 27th against France.

The US team is coached by Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski. The team has big names from the NBA including LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.

Spain has something the USA is slightly lacking, height. Spain has two 7-footers in Pau and Marc Gasol. Jose Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez add NBA experience to the Spanish squad, plus they have Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder who can come off the bench adding depth to the team. Continuity and Olympic experience will help this team challenge the Americans.

Argentina has plenty of experience on their team which gives them a great foot up from the get go. However, that experience comes at the price of age which could slow them down later in the tournament against younger opponents such as the Americans. Since Argentina plays its last group game against the USA look for them not to give 100% and save themselves for a later matchup with the Americans and gain an easier path to the finals.

The Brazilians might be the best under-rated team in this tournament. They will be led by coach Ruben Magnano whose team beat the USA in the 2002 Worlds and the 2004 Olympics. Marcelinho Huertas is Brazil’s star point guard whose skill is going give the USA some trouble. Unfortunately lack of depth behind Huertas makes Brazil very weak when he leaves the floor. Like the other top teams Brazil has a number of current NBA players who they will depend on for the caliber play needed to make the medal round.

Like their male counterparts the US ladies are favored to win their side of the tournament at 1/10 odds. Their closest competitors are Australia (7/1) and Russia (8/1). The US ladies are four-time defending champs. They have shown in exhibition games that they can come back from as much as a 10-point deficit and they are sporting an experienced squad. The US team will face Croatia and Turkey in the week before the Games and their first tournament game is against Croatia on July 28th.