Mythic Maiden Slots

Mythic Maiden Slots

Mythic Maiden Slots is another NetEnt title that brings players a 5 reel configuration with over 30 lines to bet! This is a spooky title based on the old Iron Maiden contraption, and it's darkened visuals and moving backgrounds make it an absolute delight just in time for Halloween! Players can jump into this awesome game on either mobile or desktop at!

A wide variety of features come with Mythic Maiden Slots including Wilds, Scatters, numerous chances at Free Spins and up to 10x multipliers on a single reel spin! Mythic Maiden Slots also offers autoplay up to 1,000 free spins, this mode also allows players to pre set their bets and grind the game away without having to press a button!

Players will be matching symbols of the night as the 10 through Ace symbols are crafted from molded wax, and these visuals in particular are fantastic! Scarce and valuable symbols like the skulls of scary creatures and hands grasping a forbidden book are laid out on the board. Accruing enough of these symbols can lead to the ultra jackpot of 600,000 credits! Spiders, chests and voodoo dolls are also emblems in the game to match and offer a truly atmospheric surrounding for players who enjoy that type of immersion!

NetEnt is masterful at creating slots entries that are easy to master for new players. Mythic Maiden Slots is no different and offers a fun set of play mechanics all the while being rewarding without too much risk involved. The max bet level is 10, and the max bet credits are 150. This is more of a high roller bet per play, but the game is just as rewarding when players are betting half a credit each spin. When multipliers and Wilds accumulate in Mythic Maiden Slots, players will find themselves with so many spins and ways to match it's impossible not to earn!

Mythic Maiden Slots offers new players a risk free way to play with their demo mode as well. NetEnd includes this in all their slots features and there are over a thousand credits for players to wager with risk free! Creating an account is incredible easy and it's as easy as starting the game up with a click! Mythic Maiden Slots is a fantastic way to get into a slots title for the Halloween season, from the visuals to the music to the gameplay, everything clicks and that's why it's one of NetEnt's most popular titles!