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BetAmerica Casino

BetAmerica really does have that all American feel to it, but there is a lot more to it than just good old fashioned US branding. All new sign ups get a great initial offer of $150 cash, and there is so much more. You can wager on the very biggest and best international races and if you can put up with the time difference you can even bet on the races down under in Australia. There's even more as BetAmerica offers you free live video, as well as replays, 3% cash back on all bonus tracks, absolutely no fees at all, full regulated in the US and you will get support from their team that are based in the US. They also offer a great promotion giving you $50 per month into your account when you wager $100 or more for three months, making a total of $150 over the three months...not bad at all!

Yet More Promotions!

BetAmerica gives you the chance to earn cash simply by using their refer a friend program. Once you are signed up you can invite as many of your friends as you like to join by simply sending them an invite with a personal message and as soon as they start wagering you start earning cash. It's so simple and quick and your friends will be thanking you for it. They also give you what's called Wager Rewards where you get 3% back on all losing wagers placed. The cash goes into your account and unlike many places this cash is withdrawable. A real fun addition to this site is the Player Made Tournaments. You get to organize your own tournaments, start date, payouts, number of players, bet types allowed and much more. Once the tournament is set up simply invite your friends and let the fun begin. There are no fees involved in setting up these tourneys and its a great way to enjoy the racing with your buddies. BetAmerica also set up their own tournaments for you to enjoy with prize pools between $250 and $1000.

Sign up and get Racing Today!

There is no reason not to sign up at BetAmerica, they are very customer focused and enjoy racing as much as you do. The focus on friends is great as the tourneys they offer are so much fun to play. They are fully regulated and focused on what their members want, so get part of the action at BetAmerica now!