Presidential Election Odds

On October 26, 2024, I voted for the 46th President of the United States. This week is early voting, which will end on November 1. November 3 is Election Day, and I urge everyone to vote either this week or on Election Day. According to reports, approximately 52 million people in the US have already voted, either by early voting or absentee ballots. It is the most crucial election in US history, given the fact that the current President, Trump, has destroyed this country. We are amid a pandemic wherein over 240,000 people have died. The scientists warn us that this number can reach 500,000 by December. Does the President care – Hell No! So what are the election odds?

Sportsbook Betting

There are two candidates on the Democrat ticket and two on the Republican ticket. For Dems, it is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For the Republicans, it is Donald Trump and Mike Spence. So what are the predictions as far as the Sportsbook sites saying? Currently, the odds are in Biden’s favor. The first debate between them was a catastrophe that led to the beginning of Trump’s downfall. His inability to govern brought throughout his four years put him in the sinkhole. There is an old saying which applies to Trump: His administration is a house of cards built on a mound of sand.

Biden has banked millions of dollars to continue his campaign in some red states where it is possible he can turn them blue. Trump is NOT favored to win, but he will come close as he is only appealing to his base with more lies. Biden is ahead. The odds from many of the online sportsbooks are giving Biden the edge.

About the Candidates

Donald Trump is perhaps the worst President in history. Remember, too, that he will go down as an Impeached President as well. Trump's downfall is how he messed up the pandemic. According to sources, if he had acted when he first learned about the virus way back in January 2024, 100,000 lives could have been saved. Instead, his mantra about the pandemic is “it will go away.” And by the way, this writer doesn’t believe for one nano-second that he had Covid 19. Trump blames the Democratic leaders for handling the pandemic and being lax in opening up the country. He blames everyone but himself. He lies continuously (a count of all the lies he has told has reached over 20,000+ times since he has been in office), and his supporters believe every word. How illogical is this? How inane are they?

Vice President Joseph Biden has been in politics for 47 years. He knows what he is talking about and made great strides as a Senator to bring the two parties together. He is who he said he is; a man with empathy, character, strength, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to turn this country around. Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. She is the first black woman to hold this honor potentially. With Biden and Harris, we will see a better America; we will see honesty, forthrightness, empathy, and strength. Joe Biden is America’s best choice because he is America.

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Vote early or on November 3rd. But VOTE! If you have already voted, check out the sportsbooks we have listed below and place your bet.