Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

If you've been following the work of the Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play teams, you'll likely have noticed that they often get together and play some classic board games. Since the second slot in the Snakes & Ladders series, Snake Eyes, was just released, suspicions were raised.

For hundreds of years now, people have been playing various types of games, such as Moksha Patam, which is said to have been invented in India. It's a game that involves moving tokens around a board, and it showcases the concepts of Karma and Moksha.

Moksha refers to freeing one's soul from the Wheel of Samsara, which is referred to as the cycle of death and birth. This is a heavy game, and it's believed that it's a simple race to the finish line. In the game, players race to the end of the square by moving ladders toward their goal.


The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot is a more mundane game that takes inspiration from the classic board game. It features a 5x3 grid, and it's powered by 10 paylines. The action starts when the bonus round is triggered, and the winning combinations are drawn across the grid. Like its predecessor, the game is set outside, but the increased pixel count has made the edges smoother.

There are various changes in the game's numerical structure. One of these is the decrease in the RTP value, which is currently at 96.08%. As for volatility, it's still the same with a high rating of 5 out of 5. The game is suitable for playing on any type of device, and it requires a stake of around 20 p/c.

The game's free spins feature works until the board is turned over for the bonus round, which can only be triggered once every three reels. Three or more matching symbols on the payline will trigger the free spins. There are nine pay symbols in the game, and they include snakes, gorillas, bananas, baskets, and cards from 10-A.

A five-card winning line can pay around 5-10 times the bet, while a premium tile can be worth up to 50 times. The Wilds are next, and they appear on all of the reels and substitute for any regular pay symbol. When they land on the ground, they show three or more dots, which can act as a multiplier.

Bonus Features

The Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus is triggered when three, four, or five scatter symbols appear on the grid. A combination of these symbols can trigger the game's free spins feature. If one of these symbols lands on a Snake Bonus symbol, it can award two additional bonus rolls.

The game starts with the players on square number one, and they're represented by a monkey token. At the beginning, random items appear on the grid's squares, such as stacked ladders, snakes, bananas, and more. Each turn, two additional 2x rolls of the dice are added to the total awarded.

When a 1-1 is rolled, a +1 additional roll is awarded. The actions related to this happen when the players encounter these random items on the grid. Money, which acts as a multiplier, is displayed on the screen when a bet is placed. Ladder, which moves the player up the ladder, adds to the total win value.

The players can move to the square at the tip of the snake's tail if they land on its head. On the other hand, if they land on the banana, it can add random money values to the board.

A hidden rope charmer can appear on the board randomly. When the monkey lands on it, it moves to a higher position. The round ends when no more rolls are left, and the winnings are paid. The bonus round also has a minimum winning of 20x.

If the goal is not met at the end of the round, the monkey goes into a Rage Mode and tries to collect all of the value and multiplier that can be found on the grid. In this mode, the monkey does not deal with ladders, snakes, bananas, rope charmers, or other random items.