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Surprisingly, tennis goes back to the 1100s in France. Players hit a ball back and forth while wearing a large leather glove, hence its name "Jeu de Paume," aka Game of the Palm. Over time, and likely to ease a bit of pain, a handle was added to the glove, leading to tennis that's played with a racket. Tennis became immensely popular in Victorian England and remains popular today.

With Bovada tennis, you're able to bet on matches and players. You could turn this popular sport into a big payday. Sunshine's experts help you understand how tennis bets work and some of the best tips to keep in mind when you're wagering.

Explore the Bets You Can Place at Bovada Tennis

From the sportsbook, find the option for Tennis to place bets on a range of tennis matches. Head to the right side of your computer or mobile device. The top shows trending competitions like the Australian Open.

You can also click on "All Tennis" to bring up every possible tennis bet. Live Tennis Betting is at the top. From there, work down the list to the Next Events. There are over 100 options.

Get to know the layout of the sportsbook. It will help you navigate the betting options. One area of special interest is the Bet Slip. It's on the right and tracks your bets for you. Click on a match, enter your wager, and the amount you can win appears on the side of it. Once you've completed the wager, it moves into "Open Bets."

Get Extra Money for Your Wagers

Bovada offers two welcome bonuses for the sportsbook. Deposit with cryptocurrency to get the bigger of the two rewards. With the Bitcoin Sportsbook Welcome Bonus, 75% is added to your first deposit. Deposit with another banking option and get a 50% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus.

Once you've played casino games and placed bets on tennis, tell your friends about Bovada. You'll receive a 2x bonus that's based on the amount they deposit. If your friend deposits $50, you get $100 in referral rewards. Even better, if they deposit with crypto, you get a $75 bonus. Any time the person you referred chooses cryptocurrency for the first deposit, you get $75 extra.

Join Bovada Casino and Sportsbook and take advantage of the incentives the casino offers for players in the online casino, live dealer casino, sportsbook, racebook, and online poker. Sign up today and wager on the Australian Open or matches between players or teams.