BetCris Casino

While the name might not sound like much, Bet Cris Casino is an online sports casino that deserves to be considered and treated as a force to be reckoned with. And while it is true that Bet Cris has other tremendous aspects to it, mainly the slot and table game section, it's the sportsbook that continues to bring in new players to this triumphant mix.

Bet Cris Loves Some Sports

I know we are being a bit repetitive, but it is true. Bet Cris loves sports, especially North American sports leagues. The NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball, and so many major North American sports. Bet Cris doesn't stop with the massive North American sports leagues. Far from it. At Bet Cris Casino, players will be able to get into all the gigantic soccer action. Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and thus Bet Cris offers many International leagues where you can swiftly place your bet and win.

Making The Live Bet

Bet Cris Casino comes out of the corner swinging, and its beautiful live-game betting makes placing bets in-game a breeze. Certain sports qualify for this, and Bet Cris offers in-game betting slips to help you make the correct bet on the right team.

Other Types Of Bets At Bet Cris Casino

Bet Cris doesn't stop at live game betting. Other rewarding types of sports bets include money lines, parlays, points spreads, teasers, half-time bets, futures, and more. Outside of the in-game bet, Bet Cris offers a robust up-to-the-minute odds to help members make the most affirmed bet. And if you are making your wagers before the game starting, the oddsmakers works in the same fashion, and in some cases, you might find a team that is predicted to win.

Off To The Races

Bet Cris offers access to all the major sports leagues, providing stellar horse racing. In addition, bet Cris offers a robust horse racing section that comes with all the trimmings. Here, players can find all the latest rack track info and the horses that are projected to win. Finally, if you are new to online horse racing, Bet Cris offers a comprehensive glossary to help you make the most critical and lucrative horse racing bet.

The Sports Promotions

Bet Cris goes the extra mile to help its members become the winners that they were always meant to become. For example, if you are into horse racing, Bet Cris steps up to the track by offering players a solid eight percent rebate to help them pick the winning horse. Don't worry about losing too much at the track because the eight percent rebate kicks in daily.

Other worthy sports bets include the resounding and rewarding bonus double and bonus 100 that are exclusive for new members.