Stampede Slots

If you're worried about the stampede, then you want to make sure you're winning from it. Be sure to find the perfect place to call your own when you spin to win for the first time. Once you do this, you're not going to want to turn back. You have the power within your hands with each spin you do. Enjoy the fun inside Stampede Slots.

What You Can Expect

Going on an African safari is easy to do when you're a part of the Stampede Slots. The theme of this game takes you across the hot, hot lands and where the animals roam. This is a great place to grab the fun and also know you're having a wild time inside a place that is opening up the fun for you and more. With an RTP of over 95%, you can expect great payouts from everyone.

Place All of Your Bets

Find out how to place your bets, and what lines are expected to be found on the wild side. You can place your bets on levels one through five with bets between two cents and up to a dollar. Double your wins with the double wins feature on the side and the auto play helps you spin 100 times. Get more from your game play with these awesome features.

What Symbols Will You See

You will find so many symbols that have to do with a safari on the inside. You can find the zebras, eagles, gazelles, giraffes, elephants, and classic card symbols that come around. The animals pay out the most when you land on them, while the classic card symbols can pay out a bit but not as much when landing on them.

Check for the Bonuses Inside the Slot

If you're ready for bonuses, then now is the time to get the most from what is being offered. This slot machine comes with a wooden wild symbol and when you land on it, you can hit the bonus that doubles up your winnings. You just have to click on heads or tails and see if you can win double your amount. If you open up the free spins mode, you can win up to 27x the winning value of the earnings that you land on. Get more for your money.

Sign Up for the Stampede

Anyone looking for a good time is able to find it within the Stampede Slots. You can be sure to get all that you need and more inside one place. You just have to find the casino that is offering this slot game. Once you do, sign up with the casino, use the bonus and welcome codes, and see how much money you can win when you play. It's a great time for everyone.