Colorado Rockies - National League West Division

The Colorado Rockies are one of the newer teams in Major League Baseball, having only been established as a bona fide franchise in 1993. Considering that the oldest teams in the league have been around since before the 1900s, you can see just how new the Rockies comparatively are. However, they have made somewhat of a splash in terms of a number of different issues and results. They currently are a part of the National League West Division and indeed have inhabited that division ever since their inception into the major leagues. Their uniforms at home are pinstripe white and their uniforms on the road are pinstripe grey. They have a number of different nicknames, usually revolving around either the Rock theme or alternatively the Blake Street theme of Denver.

Current Season

The current season has been interesting for the Colorado Rockies to say the least. It was not too long ago that they were the worst team in baseball and indeed when you can outdo the Kansas City Royals for that dubious honor, you know that the team is not doing very well. In any case, the current season sees the Colorado Rockies actually competitive for the top spot in their division. They are currently in third place in their division, but are within striking distance of the top seeded Arizona Diamondbacks. It is actually a very close race, with four of the five teams in the division still in striking distance of top spot.

Team History

The history of the Rockies is not as storied as you would expect from other franchises but this is to be expected given the young status of the franchise. They have played at the same stadium since 1995 and have just one playoff berth during the whole of their existence to look back on. As far as retired numbers go, the only one that the Rockies have retired is the number 42. That number of course is Jackie Robinson's number and was retired league wide, so the Rockies have in fact retired no numbers on their own.

The most interesting part of the Rockies' history is what happened before the team actually existed. There had been attempts as early as the 1880s to create a team in Denver and of course it is important to note that had a team been created then, the team would likely have been a founding member of the MLB. However, these attempts were rebuffed until 1993, when the city was able to win a referendum for a 0.1% increase in the Sales Tax in order for the construction of a baseball stadium that the new team would play in. This was the primary move that needed to happen for the Rockies to come into existence and indeed they did to the adulation of many baseball fans living in Denver and in the surrounding areas.

Since that day, the Colorado Rockies as a franchise have not really given their fans much to cheer about overall, but there have been tremendous victories over short time stretches that continue to this day and still give fans in the mile high city hope that their team will see greatness soon.