Round Robin Betting

A Round Robin Bet is a convenient way to create mutiple parlays at one time. Most sportsbooks will allow you to pick 3-8 lines and the combine them in parlays of 2-6 teams. You can make the same bet by making individual parlays but it would take a lot longer. The Round Robin Bet allows you to make multiple parlays very quickly. Bettors will use a Round Robin Bet when they feel very strongly on certain pick on a bet line. They then want to include that bet line with other teams to maximize the profit potential.

For example, you feel strongly on the following NFL lines:

Atlanta Falcons -3
Buffalo Bills +7
Chicago Bears -6

Rather than creating a 3-team parlay, you choose to place a Round Robin bet and create all possible 2-team parlays from the 3 lines.

First Parlay:
Atlanta Falcons -3
Buffalo Bills +7
Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Second Parlay:
Atlanta Falcons -3
Chicago Bears -6
Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Third Parlay:
Buffalo Bills +7
Chicago Bears -6
Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1)

Your total risk amount is $15. The Round Robin wager will show up in your account as 3 2-team parlays with $5 bet each. The wagers will then be settled according to regular parlay rules. You could have made the same wagers individually on single parlays but the round robin is faster to make your play before lines move. If you select more than 3 lines or teams then the number of bets goes up with the possible amount of combination of wagers. Round Robins can get very expensive as you choose more lines because you will be making more wagers.

Round Robin Bet Table

Number of Bets
3 2 3
4 2 6
4 3 4
5 2 10
5 3 10
5 4 5
6 2 15
6 3 20
6 4 15
6 5 6
7 2 21
7 3 35
7 4 35
7 5 21
7 6 7
8 2 28
8 3 56
8 4 70
8 5 56
8 6 28

Round Robin Bet History

Most online sportsbooks will carry the Round Robin bet option as long as they have developed it their bet engine. Many customers may get confused after they have made a round robin bet because it will not show up in their bet history as a round robing. Your wager history will show up round robin bets as individual parlay bets made at the same time. Parlay rules apply to which sports you can include in a round robin.

Best Sportsbook - Round Robin Bet

The best sportsbook for a round robin is the one with the highest parlay payout odds. Most online sportsbooks will have similar parlay payout odds. However, some sportsbooks will have a parlay bonus or special during the NFL season to encourage action. All the sportsbooks in our review section are trusted and carry round robin bets. Top Online Sportsbooks with Round Robin Betting:

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