Round Robin Betting

A Round Robin Bet is a convenient way to create multiple parlays at one time. Most sportsbooks will allow you to pick 3-8 lines and combine them in parlays of 2-6 teams. You can make the same bet by making individual parlays but it would take a lot longer. The Round Robin Bet allows you to make multiple parlays very quickly. Bettors will use a Round Robin Bet when they feel very strongly on certain pick on a bet line. They then want to include that bet line with other teams to maximize the profit potential.

For example, you feel strongly on the following NFL lines:

  • Atlanta Falcons -3
  • Buffalo Bills +7
  • Chicago Bears -6

Rather than creating a 3-team parlay, you choose to place a Round Robin bet and create all possible 2-team parlays from the 3 lines.

First Parlay:

  • Atlanta Falcons -3
  • Buffalo Bills +7
  • Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Second Parlay:

  • Atlanta Falcons -3
  • Chicago Bears -6
  • Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Third Parlay:

  • Buffalo Bills +7
  • Chicago Bears -6
  • Risk $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1)

Your total risk amount is $15. The Round Robin wager will show up in your account as 3 2-team parlays with $5 bet each. The wagers will then be settled according to regular parlay rules. You could have made the same wagers individually on single parlays but the round robin is faster to make your play before lines move. If you select more than 3 lines or teams then the number of bets goes up with the possible amount of combination of wagers. Round Robins can get very expensive as you choose more lines because you will be making more wagers.

Round Robin Bet Table

PICKSWAYSNumber of Bets

Round Robin Bet History

Most online sportsbooks will carry the Round Robin bet option as long as they have developed it their bet engine. Many customers may get confused after they have made a round robin bet because it will not show up in their bet history as a round robing. Your wager history will show up round robin bets as individual parlay bets made at the same time. Parlay rules apply to which sports you can include in a round robin.

Best Sportsbook - Round Robin Bet

The best sportsbook for a round robin is the one with the highest parlay payout odds. Most online sportsbooks will have similar parlay payout odds. However, some sportsbooks will have a parlay bonus or special during the NFL season to encourage action. All the sportsbooks in our review section are trusted and carry round robin bets. Top Online Sportsbooks with Round Robin Betting:

Round Robin Bet Links

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For current and full NFL Bet Lines visit Bovada Sportsbook.

Parlays, Teasers and Round Robin Betting

New players to the sportsbook world may think that they need to study for years to understand all the different terms for betting and different options but in fact once you understand the basics, it is very easy to grasp and understand and each bet should flow. Of course, it is always good to bet with knowledge and have a strategy on each team, but it is also good to understand the basics

What is a Parlay

A parlay is a continuous bet where the winnings of each bet are put in a central bet and used as stakes for the next bets. In other words, the parlay just keeps going and is perfect for ongoing sports events or sports games that have different rounds.

What is a Teaser

A teaser bet does not carry the same meaning as the word in language. A teaser bet combines bets on two different sporting games, in other words bettors can place a bet on one round of baseball with one team and then a further bet at the same time on a different game with the same team but a different opponent.

The Point Betting System and Buying Points

The point betting system is quite ingenious and in fact it is a sensible way to bet but it can also be very detrimental for those bettors that lose. Players place their bets based on the different odds and each team or player is given points. If the player wins his bet by 1 point then his winnings are multiple 1x, if he wins by 3 points, his winnings are multiple 3x and if he loses by 3x, his losses are multiplied 3x. So, it can offer huge extra winnings but also huge losses. Players should consider very carefully if they want to use the point system. Buying points in certain games including the NFL league allows the player to move his points up two places and thus have a better chance but not all games offer this option.

NHL Betting - Round Robin Play

Round Robin play or betting allows bettors to place up to three bets i.e. parlays at once when three hockey games are being played on the same night. The round robin betting offers different combinations depending on the number of games being played but it must be a minimum of three. Of course, players can place the bets individually, but this takes longer, and it also does not offer the same impact if the player wins. The many different round robin betting options are detailed for each game and bettors must seek out the sportsbooks that offer round robin betting.

MLB Betting - Round Robin Betting and the Underdog ML Round Robin System

The baseball league is one of the most popular sports in America and thus there are many different betting options for this game. The round robin option offers players a chance to place multiple parlays with one bet and can only be used when there are three games running at the same time or in the same time period set by the sportsbook. One of the popular options for baseball bettors is to place an underdog ML round robin bet. This groups all the underdogs together, usually in groups of threes and the player can then place his bet collectively on these three teams. Historically in leagues the underdog seems to have about a 30% chance of winning so the underdog round robin bet is not always lost and adds a bit more excitement and fun to the whole experience.

NFL Round Robin Betting

The NFL is another of the popular sportsbook sports that players like to use Round Robin betting for. The round robin betting is faster, and it groups a minimum of three teams together giving the player different options for betting and in some ways cheaper betting but with the chance to win big if all three teams win. A table of the different betting options is offered for each season detailing the number of picks, the number of ways it can be placed and the number of bets. For example, 6 picks (teams) offers a 4-way option with 15 bets but a 3 pick can give 2 ways and 3 picks. The speed of the round robing betting option means that players have more time to peruse the teams and enjoy the games online.

What do the color indicators next to betting lines means?

There is a lot to take in when placing round robin bets and the different colored triangles mean that the different bets have varying equalities and can offer different options for the player. Red tends to indicate that the odds are on the way down and green indicates that the odds is on the way up and maybe players should reconsider and bet more. Odds are constantly fluctuating right up until the last moment and the colors indicate the movement of the odds.