NFL Football Betting - Online Football Betting Explained

Betting on the NFL is a cultural tradition for any fan of the NFL. Online gambling has made NFL betting a convenient and cost effective choice just like the Internet has made shopping for electronics easier and reduced costs for consumers. At Sunshine Sportsbook Reviews, we provide up to date information on how to bet on the NFL with online Sportsbooks. We provide the latest NFL sports news with current betting line information included in the story so that you can make an informed decision on your betting choice. Whether it is betting to root for your favorite home team or trying to find value in the NFL betting line, you can find your latest NFL Sports betting news here.

In our Online Sportsbook Review section you will find a detailed review on our recommended Sportsbooks. We have opened up accounts with all these Sportsbooks and bet with them daily to ensure quality control from an NFL bettors perspective. We test out what NFL bet types that each online Sportsbook offers. We examine when their NFL odds are posted so that we can see if that Sportsbook will cater to your betting needs. We know that some bettors like to make there bets early in the weak before the public is all over the betting line. We look at the NFL betting limits that are offered by each Sportsbook. We will recommend a different Sportsbook depending on whether you are a recreational or professional Sportsbook bettor. We will look at the amount of NFL betting lines that are circled for critical weekend games by each Sportsbook to help determine which company is right for your NFL betting needs. We see how fast our winning NFL bets are graded. Most importantly, we request payouts to see how fast we can withdraw our money from an online Sportsbook. We do all the research for you so that you can set up an account in 5 minutes make your wager and just enjoy watching NFL Football.

NFL Online Sportsbook Betting

Why should you bet on the NFL with an online Sportsbook?

1. SPEED. Online Sportsbooks allow you bet on the NFL faster because all you have to do is get on the Internet and literally thousands of NFL betting lines will appear. Most online Sportsbooks will leave betting lines open on the NFL until one second before the Kicker's toe hits the football on the opening kickoff. The speed option allows you to get more and the latest up to date information to make your pick on the NFL game of your choice.

2. BET CHOICE. Most Online Sportsbooks will offer more NFL bet types (i.e. 1st H, 1Q, 2H, Spreads, Totals, Moneyline, Player Props, NFL Team Props, NFL Futures, Parlays, Buying Points, Round Robins, Teasers, etc) than your local bookie and will post more NFL betting lines because they are able to get more betting action from around the world to provide bet liquidity. The increased handle from Sportsbooks on their bet types mean that they are more likely to have balanced action and can offer more bet types. Moreover, the major online Sportsbooks will offer and integratedeWallet that also allows you to gamble in their online Casino, online Poker Room and online Racebook.

3. BONUSES. A big advantage of betting on the NFL with online Sportsbooks is that there literally over a 1000 Sportsbooks out their competing for your business. Sportsbooks try to capture your business aggressively with real money bonuses and retention programs. Many Sportsbooks will also have reduced juice or free plays as part of their NFL promotion package. FREE Contests are widely available for the NFL season like office pools, fantasy NFL Football, Survivor Pools and many more. Check our Sportsbook Review section for our recommended online Sportsbooks.

4. CONVENIENCE. It is a lot easier to be anonymous and bet in front of your computer 5 minutes before the kickoff that heading down to your local bookie. You do not have to worry about the unsavoury characters at your local shop when handing over you cash. Many online Sportsbooks are publicly traded companies with professional management who focus on customer service and player experience just like a large online corporation likeEbay or Some online Sportsbooks focus on customer service to assist the new gambler with their bet engine. They will provide online chat, 1-800 customer service numbers and email response to your questions.

5. PROFIT. The most important factor is that it can be very profitable to the bettor when you start understand how the online Sportsbook business works. We recommend that you have more than one account with an online Sportsbooks (try OddsMaker Sportsbook or GT Bets Sportsbook) so that you can get the best betting line once you have decided which NFL team that you are going to bet on. Having more than one account at an online Sportsbook can affect you bottom line profit!

NFL Bet Types

NFL Point Spread, NFL Moneyline, NFL Totals, NFL 1Q odds, NFL 2Q, NFL 3Q, NFL 4Q, NFL 1H odds, NFL 2H odds, NFL Parlays, NFL Teasers, NFL Sweetheart Teasers, NFL Pleasers , NFL Round Robins, NFL If Bets, NFL Reverses, NFL Futures, NFL Team Total Wins, NFL Player Props, NFL Team Props, AFC Division Champion Future Odds, NFC Division Champion Odds.

There are an almost a limitless amount of choice to bet on the NFL for your entertainment and betting needs. We have just listed the major NFL bet types.

To get you started we have posted the opening snapshot of NFL Future Odds to win the Super Bowl of all the NFL Teams.