Divine Fortune Megaways Slots

Divine Fortune Megaways Slots is a NetEnt fan favorite that takes place in the mythos of Ancient Greece! Players will be transported to this mythical realm in which riches are endless and the jackpot Gods are watching! This standard six reel slots game offers forty four amounts to bet from a dime to one hundred credits!

Symbols to match in Divine Fortune Megaways Slots range from gorgeously drawn eagles, lions, bulls and even Medusa herself! Finding and matching an array of suited card symbols from 10 to Ace will also net players riches! Scarcity is value, and in Divine Fortune Megaways Slots players will find that Medusa and the more prominent characters of Greek lore will provide riches beyond the heart's content!

There's a lot to love and even more to earn with Divine Fortune Megaways Slots! Players who also appreciate gorgeous animations and easy to learn game mechanics will appreciate NetEnt's modern casino classic with three progressive jackpots and dozens of paylines! Players will match a wide range of thematic symbols based on Greek mythology. The detail and depth of the animations and backgrounds add to the replayability and fun factor.

Players will recognize the legendary Pegasus who also makes an appearance in Divine Fortune Megaways Slots. Pegasus acts as the Wild in this slots adventure, and the Wild on Wild feature is specific to Divine Fortune Megaways Slots and provides massive bonuses as every slot on the reel will turn into a square that cashes the player out. Finding Wilds and piecing together Scatters for free spins add to value and entertainment of Divine Fortune Megaways Slots!

NetEnt has implemented over 117,649 ways to win! Players who match up to six of a kind on this dynamic 6x3 and 6x4 interlaced reel can win the massive mega jackpot of up to five thousand credits! Players can chase the smaller and more attainable jackpots which still offer a whopping one hundred and two hundred credits! Players will undoubtedly have tons of fun chasing jackpots through Ancient Greece, and matching the iconic symbols that make the mythology so memorable!

New players can hop into the action risk free, no deposit necessary at www.sunshine-sportsbook.com! NetEnt has done a fantastic job designing an addictive and rewarding slots adventure that captures the myths of Ancient Greece perfectly! There are a thousand free credits for new players to utilize with a new account, and the demo game has all the same mechanics so learning how and what to wager is a breeze in this mode!