NBA Title Odds & Betting Tiers

On April 13, NBA playoffs will kick off and you will not want to miss the great event to place your bets on the team that is going to win the 2019 NBA Title. Now it s a great time to ckech out the odds and betting ties of the teams and make the best betting decision.

Here are top 5 teams to win the Title with average odds selected by some top sportsbooks:

1. Golden State Warriors -160 2. Toronto Raptors +800 3. Boston Celtics +1000 4. Houston Rockets +1350 5. Milwaukee Bucks +1450

There are high hopes with Warriors due to good performance and mostly healthy team players, while Raptors are not less popular among the sportsbooks. Meanwhile keep an eye on the following 5 teams as well that come with pretty tempting odds: hence followed we have:

6. Oklahoma City Thunder +2350 7. Philadelphia 76ers +2650 8. Los Angeles Lakers +2800 9. Denver Nuggets +5000 10. Indiana Pacers +8000

Oklahoma City features leading Paul George and Russell Westbrook while Philadelphia's Butler is a wildcard that can fail. LA Lackers' LeBron still suffers from injury.

Sportsbooks also believe in Utah Jazz (+10000) and San Antonio Spurs (+15000). There are high hopes on the talented coach, Gregg Popovich whose team may actually do pretty well this year.

Check out also the NBA Title Long shots, as some of them may actually end up surprising you:

  • New Orleans Pelicans +22500
  • Los Angeles Clippers +25000
  • Portland Trail Blazers +27500
  • Charlotte Hornets +30000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +30000
  • Dallas Mavericks +32500
  • Memphis Grizzlies +35000
  • Detroit Pistons +37500
  • Miami Heat +50000
  • Washington Wizards +50000
  • Orlando Magic +50000
  • Phoenix Suns +100000
  • Sacramento Kings +100000
  • New York Knicks +100000
  • Chicago Bulls +100000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +100000
  • Brooklyn Nets +100000
  • Atlanta Hawks +100000