NHL Stanley Cup Futures

The NHL (National Hockey League) season lasts almost 9 month with some great hockey games taking place full of opportunities for all the passionate bettors. While the games are not being held from July to September, the bettors can still keep wagering year round for the NHL Stanley Cup. Here you can place your wager on the team who you think will eventually win the Stanley Cup, thus known as a future bet, or in this case, the NHL Stanley Cup Futures.

There are a total of 31 NHL teams in the championship and in order to place an effective and of course wining bet, you will need to keep an eye on the betting odds for each team which are suggested by different top sportsbooks out there; as well as keep up with the transfers, team stats, injuries or related, etc. anything that could indicate some sort of trend or guidance to your future bet. Most of the times however, this is like playing the lottery- based on pure luck, especially considering how long it takes for the NHL season to end.

Betting Odds

Betting odds are constantly (usually daily if not on real time) updated by the sportsbooks, and hence coming back to the statistics and recent odd listings is very important as you decide on your wagers. Currently many platforms generate average odds from different providers and according to those generated statistics, The Tampa Bay Lightnings seem to be the favorites to win the season for 2019 - this can change at any point in time of course. Another promising team to look for is The Toronto Maple Leafs, which is believed to have a good season as well. The Nashville Predators are also in the top 3 Stanley Cup Contenders. While the favorites of course can get you some great wins as you bet on them, consider the promising underdogs, which may surprise you; and of course, carry with them some amazing odds, in which if you actually do win that bet, you will win big!

So keep an eye on the updating odds for all the 31 teams for wining bets.