Bovada Super Bowl Odds

The Super Bowl is an annual professional football championship where the two best teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) go head to head. NFL teams compete in their division to try to be among the two teams heading to the Super Bowl Championship. The Super Bowl started in 1966 and has a long history of being one of the most popular sporting events in the nation. It's also a main event for sports betting.

Bovada Super Bowl odds are extremely useful in determining how to bet. Our experts share more about these odds, what Super Bowl betting options are available, and tips for making the most of your wagers.


NFL Bets Leading to the Super Bowl

To bet on the Super Bowl, the teams in the championship have to win their respective division. Bets start with AFC and NFC championships. There are loads of things you can be on with these bets, including:

  • Who leads the first or second quarter
  • Who leads the first half
  • Who leads the third or fourth quarter
  • Predict the number of pass completions, attempts, or interceptions
  • Predict the point spread in the first half or the entire game
  • Predict the total points in the first half, the entire game, or by team
  • Predict the number of points teams score in each quarter

There are also special bets like Patrick Mahomes achieving 300+ passing yards or Jordan Mason getting 40+ rushing yards. Predict who will get the first touchdown in the first half. Name a player who will get two or more touchdowns. Predict the final score for both teams and choose the right team to win in the process.

When you decide what you want to bet on, you'll click that item. Pay attention to the number on the right as that's the Bovada Super Bowl odds that determine what you can win. Bets are added to your bet slip. Enter the amount to wager and the amount you can win appears next to it.

Suppose you predict the 49ers will beat the Chiefs by 21 to 19. This carries odds of +20000. If you bet $1 and are correct, you'd win $200. You might wager that there will be no points scored during one of the game's quarters (+280). A $1 wager in this case would lead to a prize of $2.80. Use the odds and the amount you can win to determine how much to wager.

Tips to Keep In Mind

Always look at a team's overall season and past performances in championship games. Also, look at how the teams that have a strong potential to make it to the Super Bowl have done in the past.

To reach the Super Bowl, you have playoffs to reach the AFC and NFC championships. Those games are played through January and lead up to February's main event. For 2024, Super Bowl LVIII is taking place at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV. Each year, the venue changes. It's going to be in Louisiana in 2025 and at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California in 2025.

When you're choosing the winner of a Super Bowl Championship, consider the venue. When the Super Bowl takes place in cold, snowy regions, teams from warm southern states may not do as well in bitter-cold temperatures.

Keep your wagers low. You don't want to risk more than you can afford. It also helps to set a daily betting limit. If you reach it, sign out and return another day.

Pay attention to Bovada Super Bowl odds. You'll find them on the right of the team or player name. Those can help you determine which bets will get you the most money if you're correct.