Celebrity Boxing Matches

While boxing isn’t a novelty, celebrity boxing is. In recent years, we’ve seen a cross of celebrity athletes duke it out in the squared circle, such as Conner McGreggor going against Floyd Mayweather, but now we have a new celebrity boxing match brewing. This unlikely match is between Frank Gore and Deron Williams.

What You Need To Know

While the upcoming celebrity fight’s main event is between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, sports fans undoubtedly buy tickets, subscribe to pay-per-view, and get the popcorn ready for Frank Gore versus Deron Williams.

San Francisco 49er fans have fond memories of Frank Gore picking up timely first downs for the 49ers and helping the franchise reach a Super Bowl Birth, as he had a penchant for getting into the end zone. After serving stints with the Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets, Frank Gore is a free agent. Frank Gore is a five-time pro-bowler and part of the exclusive 10,000 yard rushing club. Gore also has the distinction of playing the most games of any running back in NFL history with 241.

Once heralded as the prototype point guard of the future, Deron Williams’s NBA career ended when he retired at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 season. Drafted third overall by the Utah Jazz in the 2005 draft, Deron Williams immediately impacted the Jazz. He was heralded as the successor to John Stockton, a hall-fame point guard for the Utah Jazz and the NBA’s all-time assist leader. Having the rare distinction of winning two gold medals for Team USA, Deron Williams became a journeyman player after being traded from the Utah Jazz.

Why Are These Two Duking It Out

For Frank Gore and Deron Williams, the upcoming celebrity boxing match on December 18th marks their first boxing match ever. It has been reported that Gore has been doing some boxing training for years. Deron Williams loves contact and combative sports, and he himself has trained extensively in mixed martial arts.

Where To Watch Deron Williams Versus Frank Gore

Tampa was set to come alive on December 19th, where Frank Gore and Deron Williams get it on in the ring, but Tommy Fury has recently pulled out of the main event fight due to an injury. Tommy Fury came into the much-hyped bout and touting a respectable 7-0 record. Jake Paul is a mercurial Youtube personality turned professional boxer with a current record of 4-0.

Are These Boxing Matches For Real?

Yes, they are. While they may be celebrities, their punches are real and have resulted in knockouts, at least for Jake Paul.

What Are The Top Ten Boxing Matches Of All Time?

This is a question that frequently comes up. Of course, every boxing aficionado has their spin and personal view, but below are some of the universal consensus matches that most boxing fans can agree on.

1) The Thriller In Manila – Ali Versus Frazier Part 3

The date was October 1st, 1975, when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier squared for the third and final time in the Philippines. Dubbed “The Thriller In Manila,” world champion Muhammed Ali cemented his boxing legacy against his arch-rival but go going toe to toe with the former champion Frazier. Both men exchanged furious combinations, but the fight was ultimately stopped after the fourteenth round.

2) The Rumble In The Jungle – Ali Versus George Foreman

On October 30th, 1974, Muhammed Ali battled George Foreman. After an initial setback, George Foreman and Muhammed Ali finally fought in front of a world-televised event in Kinshasa, Zaire. In his first boxing stint, George Foreman, the heavyweight champion, came into the fight as the overwhelming favorite. Foreman dispatched his previous eight opponents in two rounds or less, including a brutal TKO of Joe Frazier, knocking him down a blistering seven times in two rounds. While the world counted Muhammed Ali out, Ali developed a strategy to outlast the younger and more physically dominant Foreman. Dubbed “The Rope A Dope,” Ali strategically laid on the ropes while Foreman punched himself out. Halfway through the eighth round, Ali slipped in a combination that floored Foreman for good. Ali became the third man at that time to regain the heavyweight championship on multiple occasions, following Floyd Patterson and Jersey Joe Walcott.

3) The Rock Versus Jersey Joe Walcott

Entering this September 23rd bout in 1952, Rocky Marciano was the underdog to the world champion Jersey Joe Walcott. Entering the contest at 42-0 with most of those brutal knockouts, many considered the brawler Marciano out of his league against Jersey Joe Walcott, who was the oldest heavyweight champion at that time and in his second stint. However, having dominated most of the fight, Jersey Joe Walcott and Marciano slugged it out in the the thirteenth round. As both men loaded upright crosses, the Rock struck first, ultimately knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott. Marciano went on to be the only man to retire with a perfect record as the heavyweight champion.

4) Joe Louis Versus Billy Conn

On June 18th, 1941, world champion Joe Louis stepped into the ring as the overwhelming favorite to retain his title against Billy Conn, a man he outweighed by twenty-five pounds. But to everyone’s surprise, Billy Conn took a decisive lead in points entering the 13th round. Perhaps a bit overzealous, Conn became reckless, giving The Brown Bomber the opening he needed to knock out Billy Conn with only two seconds left in the the thirteenth round.

Some of the remaining and notable boxing matches include Aaron Pryor versus Alex Arguello, Julio Caesar Chavez versus Meldrick Taylor, Larry Holmes versus Ken Norton, Marvin Hagler versus Tommy Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard versus Tommy Hearns.

So, What Is The Most Famous Boxing Match?

This subject isn’t easy, and everyone has their personal favorite. If you are basing this question on upsets, then perhaps James Buster Douglas’ improbable upset over Mike Tyson ranks number one, or if you are basing it on sensationalism, then maybe you might go with Tyson versus Holyfield II. In this rematch, Tyson went down in infamy for biting off a piece of Holyfield’s ear.

Which Match Is The Richest Boxing Match In History?

There’s no question that the purse in recent boxing matches continues to escalate. With that being said, the 2015 match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Together, both men drew in an estimated $400 million. It’s reported that Mayweather walked away with an estimated $250 to Manny’s estimated $150 million.

So, Who Exactly Fought In These Celebrity Boxing Matches?

Celebrity Boxing matches are a new trend, but it has produced notable bouts, the likes of Dustin Diamond going against Ron Palilo. Fans of Saved By The Bell remember Dustin Diamond as the character Screech. Donny Bonaduce versus Donny Osmond is another memorable celebrity boxing match, but so is Todd Bridges versus Vanilla Ice. Action icon Dolph Lundgren laced on the boxing gloves to go against Oleg Taktarov. Finally, Jake Paul versus Deiji is another memorable, celebrity boxing match.

So How Did Celebrity Boxing Come To Be?

Surprisingly, celebrity boxing has roots dating back to the 1980s where white-collar professionals laced on the gloves to serve charity events and for exposure. The trend eventually found its way to London, where celebrity comedians did battle. In 2002, celebrity boxing made it to the central airwaves, and it hasn’t looked back since.

Who’s Been Winning The Celebrity Boxing Matches?

There have been notable celebrity winners in recent years. As does former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom, Jake Paul comes to mind.

So, Why Do Celebrities Box?

Money is definitely a motivating factor, but so is exposure. Sometimes celebrities might be in a lull in their careers, so that a prizes boxing match might put them back into the spotlight.