PointsBet Bonuses

PointsBet is a tremendous new bonus system first launched in Australia back in 2017. The beneficial betting system is unique to residents of Illinois, USA. The online sportsbook from Down Under offers exceptional traditional fixed odds for sports betting. The fresh, new sports betting format is a first worldwide. PointsBetting essentially offers variable winnings and losses. Instead, they rely on how accurate your predicted bet is. The innovative system that PointsBetting uses makes sports betting far more exciting since the amount you can win varies with the odds, which aren't fixed. The odds essentially depend on provide it how much your wager wins. The betting options available include NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, and more. PointsBet serves up an exhilarating, exciting, and rewarding sports betting experience unseen until now. Everything matters from a basket to a goal, from every yard to every point. PointsBetting provides an infinitely different experience to fixed odds betting. Your potential winnings are variable right until the end and fixed.

What is PointsBetting?

Let's go into more detail about the specifics of PointsBetting, shall we? For instance, if your wager wins by a single point or unit, you win 1x your stake. If the bet wins by 2 points, you win 2x your stake. If it wins by ten, you end up winning 10x your stake. If your bet loses, you lose by a single unit, and if you lose by ten, you only lose the 10x bet.

Bet Types

There are multiple bet types based on minutes or even on seconds for individual sports events, and you can use seconds or minutes as multiplier units. Alternative bets for the NBA include the times of the first free throws by a player or team, the time a player passes 3 points, 5pts, 10pts, or 15pts, the time of the first foul committed, and more. You can place a stake on rye time of the first goal for the NFL, first behind, and team passing 10pts or 20 points. For Rugby League and Union, you can bet on a player's first try and time the team's first try. For Ice Hockey, you can place a wager on the time of the first goal, team goals, early penalty, and first shot. For Soccer, betting types include the team's times and the first goal of the match, the second and third goals.

Unique PointsBet Bonuses

Without a doubt, one of the PointsBet system's main draws is the plethora of bonuses, benefits, and exceptional rewards. Signing up at PointsBet sportsbook brings many alternative and original bonuses. Let's take a look at the best PointsBet Bonuses, shall we?

Risk-Free Welcome Bonus

When you register at PointsBet, you can claim two risk-free bets up to $2,000! You receive a refund of up to $500 Refund by way or Free Bets if your first bet isn't a winner. You also receive a free bet refund of up to $1,500 if your first PointsBetting Bet doesn't win. The welcome promo is a maximum of $2,000, and the free bet refunds' processing is within 24 hours.

Free Bets - Make it Rain: Game of the Day

The lovely Paige release a unique game of the day at noon every day. Once you place a wager of $50 or more spread on Paige's choice, you automatically receive Free Bets worth $3 for every field goal worth three points your chosen team scores. For instance, if your chosen team manages to make ten 3-point field goals during any given game, you get a Free Bet worth $30. The offer is only available on Pre-Game core spreading Bets, and only cash bets are allowed, with no free wagers. Moreover, stakes on alternate spreads aren't eligible. Both teams for the game are qualified; however, you can only bet on one team to be eligible for the promo. If you bet on both sides of the spread, you could risk accessing all future promotions. Furthermore, Cashed Out Bets aren't eligible for this promo. The free bet is only available on Singles, while Parlays are not available. The Free Bets arrive in your account one hour after the end of the game. There are no rollover requirements for the free bets so that you can forget excessive and confusing wagering requirements, so you have zero wagering requirements on all your Free Bet wins. Requirements for deposit bonuses are only 1x, so if you deposit $100, you only have to roll your deposit over once. Bonus Bet winnings also have zero wagering requirements, and your funds are immediately withdrawable.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus- $100 Free Bets

You can grab a $100 Free Bet for your friend and yourself when you refer someone to PointsBet. To qualify, copy and share your unique link under the My Account Page on the website, and once you deposit $50, you both receive a $100 bonus in Free Bets. Each person you refer grants you $100 in Free Bets if he successfully meets all the conditions and requirements. You need to be a member of PointsBet for at least two weeks and have a betting history with PointsBet. Moreover, you need to have a registered address in the state of Illinois, deposited and turned over at least $1,000, and you do not have a current negative balance on your account. You will activate the Refer-a-Friend bonus once your friend deposits a minimum of $50, as per bonus requirements. The maximum bonus you can claim by referring friends is $2,500 a year, as the Illinois Division of Gaming Enforcement rules stipulates. The person you refer has to deposit at least $50 in a single deposit, and you cannot accumulate them. That ensures you can both unlock the Referral Bonus for yourself and your friend.

Daily Boosted Odds on NBA and NFL Spreads

PointsBet has the best NBA and NFL Odds on Spreads in Illinois. The Best Odds money line is for the standard moneyline per game compared to competing sites, Illinois Sportsbooks non-promotional offers, and traditional money lines. For instance, the Pointsbet Odds will be 150, while other sites offer 160. The Best Odds spread for classic spread lines for a game, compared to competing sites. For instance, if the Chicago Bears have a -3 Pointsbet Odds of 110, other operators will be 120. Normal Trading limits apply, and PointsBet may restrict the number of promos offers available to you within a period.

PointsBet Single Game Parlay Booster

You can boost your personalized parlays the way you want, every day. First, create any 3+ leg parlay bet, enter your wager amount, and select one Booster per day to win even more. There are specific Booster Terms and Conditions. Any inconsistency between the current rules and Booster rules, then the Booster Rules prevail. The Standard sports betting rules also apply to your Booster bets. The bets aren't available on all betting types and are only for those determined by PointsBet. The actual price available when you apply your Booster is at PointsBet's discretion. Moreover, Booster bets aren't eligible for cash-out.

NBA Single Game Parlay

The Single Game Parlay is available on all NBA Games. You should select an NBA Game to bet on and choose Single Game Parlay from the event menu. You can pick your legs, place your wagers, and observe the action in one game. Normal Trading Limits Apply, and the feature is within the games page for NBA games, under the Single Game Parlay tab.

NBA Single Game Parlay Insurance

You can get insurance when you place a Single Game Parlay Bet on NBA Games with 3+ legs. You can receive up to $25 back if precisely one leg fails. You can claim up to one free bet refund a day. The Eligible Games are all the NBA Games. Moreover, only Single Game Parlay Bets that are 3+ legs are eligible, while two legs Parlays aren't eligible. Precisely one leg of the parlay needs to fail, so you qualify. Parlays with over aren't eligible. You can claim a maximum of one Free Bet a day. The promotional offer doesn't include Free Bets, and only Cash bets count. The maximum limit of the Free Bet refund is $25. Using the cashout feature disqualifies you from the Free Bet Refund. The minimum total parlay price is +100, and parlay Booster bets aren't eligible. The Free Bets Refunds are paid to you the day after the parlay results you selected and by 8 am ET.

Daily Comp Points and Rewards with Every Bet

You Earn Rewards Point with Every wager you place at PointsBet. You get a Rewards point for a $5 Fixed Odds Bet and a Rewards Point for Every Parlay Bet of $1. You receive Rewards Points in exchange for each dollar you win or lose with PointsBetting.

Early Payouts

You can cash out early on NBA Spreads and Totals, allowing you to settle your bets or pick up your winnings early. It applies to whether your bet wins, or you need to pay a losing bet and salvage part of your total stake. The Cash-Out feature is only available for NBA Games. Once you Cash Out and settle your bet, you cannot reverse it.

Sports Markets at PointsBet

There are all the popular sports betting markets on offer here including, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Cricket, Darts, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Entertainment, Motor Racing, Rugby League and Union, Soccer, and Tennis. Moreover, there are numerous new markets available. PointsBet offers more NBA and NFL betting markets than any bookmaker worldwide. Betting options not typically public anywhere else include, Quarterback Completion percentage, Player Rushing Yards, Player Receiving Yards, Time of First Touchdown in seconds, Player Shooting Percentages, the Time of a first basket by a player, player points multiples, Q1 multiplied by Q2 points, time in minutes played for each player to pass, the Longest FG distance in feet achieved, Player Points, Assists, and Rebounds.