Wilds of Fortune Slots

Big wins are abound and when it comes to the show fashion that is before you, you can get it all and more. The wilds are out there and when you land on them, you know you're getting the biggest payouts. Of course, the fun that comes with this slot is what brings a lot of the players in to have a good time. Find out what you can get from the Wilds of Fortune Slots.

What You'll See on the Inside

You will feel like you're in the middle of a casino when you're playing at this slot. You can find the perfect place to spin when you see the lights lit up before your eyes. Not just that, but you can see the excitement when the payments come pouring in. With a player percentage of over 96%, the payouts are well worth the fun.

Place Bets Today

Those ready to place bets, then knowing where to place them is a good thing. There are 10 ways to win, giving you many options to go with. Bet between .20 and $10 depending on what you feel like putting down and winning back. There is a 5 x 3 grid that allows you to land on the right wins. The more money you bet on the lines, the more you can win back and the more chances you get to win the jackpot prizes.

Symbols You Can Get Your Hands on

There are many different symbols that you can come across when you spin. WILDS, bells, cherries, grapes, and more come together to provide the best payout when you land on them. Additionally, you can land on the right old school symbols that land in the right places. Single and 7 bars come together to create the best payouts when you land on them.

What Bonuses are Found Within

There are a number of bonuses that are offered when you land on the right symbols. Get 120x or 250x your bet when you land on the wild symbols provided. The coin bags are scatters and they pay up to 3x your wager. Get up to 500x your bet when you land on three or more. The diamond symbol will continue to pay out large amounts when you land on them. The more you get, the more you can win.

Sign Up to Play the Wilds of Fortune

Now is the time for you to sign up to play the Wilds of Fortune slots. You can catch the excitement that you need and want from a casino game in one place. Enjoy all the excitement and more from the fortunes that are giving you the money you need in your pocket. Sign up with this exciting, fun casino that is offering this fun slot. Get more out of the fun they offer.