Wynloch Keep Slots

Wynloch Keep is a fascinating game because when you land a winning combination, these symbols are locked in place and start spinning again. The other icons re-spin, with each spin expanding the game's ranks and adding more active paylines. The Wynloch Re-Spins feature continues until you create new wins or until you reach three respins. While the game maintains its five reels, it grows from 3 to 6 rows and 15 to 30 paylines. When the spin ends, all winnings pay on final combinations.

About Wynloch Keep

When it comes to fantasy-style games that let you forget about the world outside and get lost in another world, the portal to Wynloch Keep slot is always open. There is no hidden door or secret key; the magic happens on the other side. The richly detailed fantasy-themed game takes place in a land far, far away, not unlike the Seven Kingdoms. If you willingly fall under its spell, you'll find yourself alongside a brave warrior as he approaches a looming, fairytale castle through a dark and gloomy landscape. What lies within is the stuff of legend: slot bonus rounds that are as rare as pink diamonds, and you could search a universe of worlds before you find another like it. But, of course, only the bravest heroes join the warrior on his quest, so if you think you have what it takes to help him through endless bonus rounds to find the treasure, your journey begins.

Theme, Symbols, And Design

Medieval scrolls with crowns, rings, chalices, swords, and shields open the door to mystery and extreme wealth. These are your highest paying symbols, while etched stones complete your paytable. The Goblet of Fire is your wild and pays the most of all icons across 15 paylines. The excitement rises further as your winning lines and rows can double. Defeat the Knights of Wynloch Keep, and you'll gain direct access to its incredible hidden riches across three rows, five reels, and 15 paylines. You can expand this adventurous slot to 6 rows and 30 paylines for countless chances to win bigger prizes. Wynloch Keep takes place in the mysterious land of Aegirine, home to a royal castle. Inside is a sumptuous array of jewels, halls filled with treasure, and wealth far beyond that of mere mortals. Here you will find Wynloch Keep. It is a fortified tower built inside a dark and sinister castle during the Middle Ages. It serves mainly as a residence and refuge for the rich. Royal knights defend the castle from attacks by mercenary slot players like you.

Treasure Coin Scatter

The treasure is your Scatter symbol. If you land five or more, you've unlocked the next leg of your journey with Treasure of the Keep, and you're about to taste what the rest of the trip has in store. A new game screen appears in Keep, similar to the Hold and Win wheel. You start playing the game with three free spins. Any new treasure coins that land will lock in place and reset the three spins, plus you'll get an instant cash win. That continues until either there are no respins left or the reels are full of treasure coins which can give you up to 100x your bet. With any luck, it's the latter!

Jackpot Feature

The slot game boasts remarkable opportunities to win through jackpot chests hidden in Treasure of the Keep. As you collect more treasure coins in the Stronghold, increasing levels of Treasure Chests will be unlocked, awarding you, the fearless warrior, one of four jackpots. Large with 2500x your bet, Large with 250x your bet, Small with 50x your bet, and Mini with 25x your bet.

Bonus Tower of Power

Your Towers of Power are far in the distance and on the castle's edge. When you approach the towers, they can sense your steps, randomly spin two reels as entirely wild, and stay that way for your subsequent responses.