NBA Preseason Betting Tips and Strategies





NBA season is the 75th of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The season was initially set to commence in October; however, due to the pandemic in North America, the start has been pushed back to December. The regular season ends in April, while the NBA Finals will be in June 2021. Pro basketball is back after resuming in the summer with the conclusion to the 2024 NBA season. After the March shutdown, the league's owners along with the players association approved a new plan seeing 22 of 30 teams, the 16 current playoff teams and six teams within six games of their conference's No. 8 seed returning to action for a brief, eight-game finish to the regular season. There will be a potential play-in tournament to determine the last seed of each conference. Scheduled for the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex, in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, the regular season restarted at the end of July. Bookmakers and punters are rejoicing now the pro basketball association has joined the NHL to implement a return to the standard play plan.

2024 NBA Preseason Betting Tips

Choosing a bet type is the first step to successful pre-season betting. After that, a look at the teams and odds is a must. Most decent bookies list odds for NBA betting markets, so it is worth checking them out and comparing them. Here are a few common bet types and tips for NBA betting. You can also check out the sportsbooks listed on these pages to compare offers, odds, and markets. If you decide to sign up, you receive a bonus for your efforts. You can use that to stake on the NBA and win with your favorite basketball team.

Minutes Played

When you bet on the minutes a player is on the field, you need to research and discover sources of news about that player and his track record of minutes played in previous matches earlier in the season. That should be compared to previous seasons. It is an overweight factor in deciding preseason NBA handicapping. You essentially estimate the number of minutes a key player will last during the game. If you can't find reliable sources, check out the NBA beat reporter who covers the team on a personal blog. That would be a reliable source of information when focussing and capping individual teams. Another possible source of data is the NBA Truehoop. The daily morning bullets they publish are excellent sources of blogged information about an NBA player, his physical health, and trainer's doghouse.

Depth Chart

There is no better way to cover the spread in the preseason and find an overweight factor than NBA depth charts. They enable you to assess better and choose wiser. Line makers don't always have the latest full source of information to allow them to post a line that will balance out the action during the preseason. Nevertheless, you will invariably discover value in lots of preseason NBA betting lines. You can expect great value odds. For 2024 expect some decent value on the usual top-tiered teams with a few surprises from the underdog. That is what makes betting on the NBA so exciting and potentially lucrative. There are lots of experienced NBA talent looking to make their mark and prove a point during the preseason.

Stars Off-Season Surgery

How the trainer nurses a player from an offseason injury, particularly a severe condition like knee surgery, will determine just how effective they are likely to be in the preseason. That is another weighting factor in covering your spread. If a significant player is spending time to recover from a severe foot stress fracture, perhaps he is in his later year as a forward, fighting for playing minutes stipulated in his final contract year. You can expect him to hustle, defend, and rebound during the preseason. He will be fighting to get in his minimum minutes played per game, no matter what.

Rookies vs. Veterans

Forget all the media hype and headlines NBA rookies get during the preseason. They sell papers better than veteran bench warmers! The reality is that the coach takes the rookies out of their comfort zone, compelling them to play on the offense during pre-season. There are typically high turnovers of a rookie in the preseason due to walk-ons and draft picks. Playing for minutes sees veterans in a stronger position on the depth chart than hyped-up NBA rookies during the preseason.

Have more than one Online Sportsbook

The early stages of the NBA preseason betting lines are relatively soft while the teams are assessed by line makers. Initial betting will see sharp money quickly pounding the line in some instances, moving that betting line from .5 to 1 point over competing for online sportsbooks. The line is sometimes the same; however, the juice or vig may be -120 to +100 for precisely the same spread as betting line makers attempt to rebalance their action. It is worth having at least two online sportsbooks lined up, so when you deposit say $150 and play in $15 units, you can shop for the best line at that moment.

NBA 2024 Participants And Season Schedule

The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in the inaugural Western Conference play-in, clinching the last available spot in the 16-team field. That propelled the Blazers to No. 8 seed and the right to face and top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers with star player LeBron James in the first round. First-round matchups in the West include No. 2 seed Los Angeles Clippers facing No. 7 seed Dallas Mavericks. No. 3 seed Denver Nuggets challenging the No. 6 seed Utah Jazz, and No. 4 seed Houston Rockets are against the No. 5 seed Oklahoma City Thunder. The 2024 NBA season schedule looks for the seeding games that are based on the league's plan. Enjoy the NBA action, betting and excitement of the most popular sport in the USA!