Asafa Powell Wins 100M in Olympics Tuneup in Monaco | +300 Betting Odds to Win 100M Gold

25 year old Asafa Powell won the Mens 100M race with his fastest time of the year on Tuesday in Monaco. The Jamaican won the event in a time of 9.82 seconds. Powell also won in the 100MMens in Stockholm, Sweden a week ago. Fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt holds the world record at 9.72 seconds. Powell seems to be peaking at the right time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For a current look at the betting odds for the top 4 to win the Mens 100M race:

Beijing Olympics 2008 - 100m Men's Athletics Gold Medal Winner. Others on request. All wagers have action.

Usain Bolt(JAM) +150 Tyson Gay(USA) +155 Asafa Powell (JAM) +300 Walter Dix (USA) +1600

Odds makers seem to not have adjusted their lines to reflect Asafa Powell's recent win streak coming up to the 2008 Beijing Games. Asafa Powell will payout $300 for every $100 bet on him at this current line. USA track star Tyson Gay withdrew from a showdown with Powell at the 100M race in the London Grand Prix because of a slow recovery to his hamstring injury. Usain Bolt is the current favorite for the 100M Medal but has not declared that he will race in the 100M. Bolt is going to race for sure in the 200M. For current Olympic Betting Odds visit BetUS.