Bovada NFL Lines

A moneyline wager involves betting on a game's outcome. It doesn't always rely on point spreads or handicaps. It's a straight bet where a positive + odd tells you how much you'd win if you wagered $100. Negative - odds show you how much you have to wager to win $100. What are the Bovada NFL lines?

A Breakdown of Game Lines

When you're looking at game lines at Bovada football, you find these categories.

First Half Lines: With the first half lines, you're making line bets based on the first half of a game. You have three options - a First Half Spread, First Half Win, or First Half Total. The spread is a prediction of how many points a team will be ahead of or behind another. There's the Total where you bet on the combined scores of both teams. But, you're looking specifically at the First Half Win bet. This is your line bet that's a straight win-or-lose wager. Which team has the highest score and is the winner at the end of the first half? It doesn't mean they have to keep the lead, but they need to win the first half.

Second Half Lines: Second Half Lines are similar. The only difference is what point of the game you're betting on. Are you betting on the second half of the game?

Quarter Lines: You'll also find Quarter Lines that cover a specific quarter within a game. For example, there's a three-way money line for the first quarter. To bet, you'd choose that the 49ers will lead at the end of a quarter (+185) or the Eagles will lead (+115). Or, you could say it will be a tie or draw at the end of the first quarter, in which case the odds are +300. Suppose you wager $10 on one of these. If you bet on the 49ers, you'd win $18.50. If you bet on the Eagles, you'd win $11.50. But, you'd get the biggest prize ($30) if there was a draw.

One thing to keep in mind. While the categories are there, there may not be current games or line-ups that fit those categories. If there are not any Quarter Line bets available, Bovada returns a message telling you that.

Tips for Placing Line Bets on NFL Games

Don't feel you have to wager a lot to win. While winning thousands would feel great, it's not likely. Stick to small bets that you can afford. If you win your bet back and some extra cash, you're ahead. If not, it doesn't hurt as much when you lose.

Set a weekly budget and don't exceed it. It's easy to bet too much and then end up in trouble financially. Keep a budget in mind, deposit only that much, and avoid any other deposits.

When you do deposit, check out the current casino promotions. Sportsbook fans receive a welcome bonus of 50% or 75% (cryptocurrency users) to boost the amount they have to start making wagers. This can really help you have more money to use as you get used to placing bets at Bovada.