MLB and In-Game Gambling

Since everyone has to stay at home during the 2024 MLB season, MLB is looking at making ways to get everyone involved but also to make money that would otherwise be made by visitors to the stadium. There may be some spots available for those who can social distance during the games, but the amount of people who come out to watch these ball games are going to be dramatically and drastically reduced compared to what is normally seen during the baseball season. MLB officials are looking into creating in-game gambling for those who are watching the games from home. This provides them with a way to feel like they are a part of the games, but also ensures that the profits are going to the teams and officials for the game.

What Does This Entail?

Those fans that are going to be sitting at home watching the game can do so with their phones in their hands. This provides them with a way to really get into the game and place their bets through the smartphone which allows them to do so. With the ability to bet on the games, the players, and more; this is creating an entirely new framework for both sports betting and MLB as a whole. Even though it is not actually betting, as this could be something that is illegal in many places, they are offering chances for fans to make guesses and put in their votes to win cash prizes at the end of the picks. This is going to be a new way to play, but also a great way for the games to get fans involved. There are no sports betting in the apps though, it is important to illustrate this fact. It is all in good fun and the ability to guess on how many batters it is going to take, how long a ball will be hit, who is going to win, and many other ways you can guess and cast your vote for a chance to win some prizes the MLB is putting out there. They are saying it is entirely based on gaming, not gambling. This is because the players do not have to pay to play, they collect points for the questions they get right, and then they are able to use these points for swag or to enter into some of the contents that MLB will be hosting.

The Framework Was There Already

For years, MLB has been talking about bringing some sort of betting to the table, especially after MGM came and partnered with the sports areas. Now, the time has come since the Coronavirus has pretty much led to those parks and sports arenas having to be closed without anyone paying gate fees or concessions. This could be bad for the sports that rely mostly on these payments to run. Since the inclusion of the apps from MGM, gaming is now a big part of what these sports are looking to do and make the most of. As of right now, they are hashing out the details to find out what is going to work the best for the players, the teams, the fans, and more. If it works out, this might work out to be another stream of revenue.