Online Casino by DraftKings

A standalone online casino app is one of the best ways to play inside the casinos online. Easily download this app to your smartphone device using the steps outlined below in this article. Of course, there are several other online casinos, but these two new states have yet to be included until now. This is a significant breakthrough for those in the states and Draft Kings , who created something different from the standard casino app.

The Details

DraftKings is excited to announce the opening of their new standalone app that is different from their online casino that you'd typically find. Not just that, but they ensured that the app meets the gambling requirements for the states they're running in.

There are many slot and table games in the app, but there are also many games that are also being offered from some of the third-party providers you'd find in other online casinos. It is something to look into.

Which Two States?

Two states added to the two that were already legalizing the app to be used in the state. West Virginia is the newest state to be added. The other three are Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. All of these states allow the use of this and some of the other casino apps that have been accepted and regulated to benefit players within each of these states.

The states have steadily been added to the list of who can play the games. Having been added all within a week from one another, they quickly made the changes within the states.

DraftKings and FanDuel

As long-standing competitors, they continue to go head and head with providing players with somewhere to visit. There are some of the best in the industry, you will quickly see what they can do for you. Do not worry about what each offers; check each of them out. DraftKings is confident that their new app platform is one that you will not want to walk away from.

Downloading the StandAlone App to Your Device

Regardless of whether you have an Apple iOS device or an Android, DraftKings made it possible for both users to access the games they are offering online.

  • Go to the App store on your Apple or Android device.
  • Look up DraftKings on the app marketplace.
  • Download the app to your phone.
  • Sign up or sign in to your own casino account on Draftkings through the app.
  • Start playing once you make your deposit and claim any of the bonuses they're offering.

You can find that these apps have everything you could want and more. If you love sports betting, online betting, casino games, and more, then this is the app you can visit when you live in one of these states. If you are ready, download the app and start playing right away!