Trevor Crowe

Trevor Crowe is famous and known mostly because of his baseball career. He has done many things in his career and lifetime, but this came as a shock to those who were close to him, or that thought they knew him. Charged with an illegal gambling ring, he was found out when he ended up with more money than he was claiming on taxes. This is illegal to do on a federal level, and since gambling underground and not in a regulated manner, this makes it even more illegal.

The Charges Trevor is Faced With

In addition to illegal gambling ring charges, income tax invasion is the second charge he is faced with. Not only that, but this is not the only time this has happened. Back in 2015, Crowe actually submitted false documents for his taxes. This was found out during this investigation into the illegal gambling business. This business was ran through his property but the money was not actually going through his own on shore accounts, and were a part of a much larger operation that was being funded on off shore accounts.

The Verdict

Crowe retired from playing professional baseball back in 2013, but since this bill was submitted and the charges came up; he is expected to plead guilty and work with the authorities to work out any of the charges and penalties he is currently facing.The charges do not state how much he cycled through this illegal ring. It just said that he would continuously run money through the moneybookers that were holding and moving money through off-shore Costa Rica accounts. Crowe was not the only one that was charged with this. There were 11 total people who were charged with the same issues and tax evasion status. These people had to forfeit some of their property because it was shown to be paid for with illegal gambling cash. The credit card with the money on it from these gambling rings and ventures was laundered through construction means, which again, was forfeited and looked into with the legal documents. More information continues to come to light about the issue, but all of the parties who have been charged are working with authorities. This provides some background on what was done, but authorities are also looking to make sure they have found everyone who was a part of this illegal money booking gambling ring.