3M & PGA Tournament Betting Odds for 2024

SportsLine simulated over 10,000 betting odds and came up with surprising results that a lot of those who bet on golf tournaments might want to look into. These bets come in surprising because many people are usually looking at specific players, but these ones that were named were higher on the list. One of the biggest surprises is that the scores are much lower than you'd expect during this season. Those who bet on these hits in the tournaments would expect to see a higher return, but due to the year, it seems like a lot of the players have been affected and are playing at lower than average amounts.

3M Open Field Features Multiple Major Championships, Birdies, and Eagles

The Open Field features many different things, but the surprising thing about these tournaments is they are going to be lowered scored, even with the same well-known players making their way on the field. The 7,431 yard course is a 71 par course that provides the players with a decent amount of space to cover.

Look at These Results Before Placing Your Bets This Year

Mike McClure is still winning hot, just like he has been in the past. While he is putting a bit lower than normal, it has been shown that he is still putting hotter and better than ever than some of the other players. Jon Rahm is another winner at the top of the list, so when you are not choosing McClure, you need to make sure you are choosing to go with another top player. Collin Morikawa is a close second in terms of these two winners at the top of the charts. If you are looking for someone who is good at the longshots, he was shown to be in the lead in the results gathered from the simulation. Bryson DeChambeau is another one that hits the top of the charts when thinking about who is going to win at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Webb Simpson even made it to the charts during the simulation, giving him a good name on the green. When it comes to listing a winner, you can go with one of these top names or choose an underdog, but during the simulation; mostly every time, one of these players would make the top of the list when signing up.