BetLuckys Sportsbook

Is it easy to create a BetLuckys account? Super easy. Just hit the green signup button and go through the steps they provide you with. Once you have completed the process, you'll be a member of the site.

Sports betting covers all your favorite sports

It is always important to be reassured about the service you'll receive at an online sportsbook. Which sports are covered at BetLuckys? There is little chance of missing out on the famous ones, as they are all present on the site. You've got football, basketball, golf, and plenty of letters as well. Look out for NBA and NHL, along with other popular sports such as tennis and boxing.

Do they offer eSports betting?

We couldn't find any evidence that they did. They do cover other events that aren't sports related, such as the Academy Awards, for example, but no suggestion could be found of any eSports getting attention.

You can count on finding lots of worldwide sporting events available to bet on

BetLuckys Sportsbook covers plenty of exciting sports. They manage to cover various events, matches, and contests all over the world too. Choose your favorite sport and you should find there are plenty of upcoming events associated with that sport that you can bet on. And it doesn't matter where in the world they are.

Does the site offer any good promotions?

Yes - you will receive a 100% welcome bonus with the first deposit you make when you're ready to wager at BetLuckys. This is divided into a 50% bonus for sports and 50% for some casino action, since the site offers a casino to explore as well. There are restrictions on the deal, so read through the appropriate terms prior to claiming it.

The bonuses page also reveals info on any other current deals that might be available. There is a program to refer friends, and a chance to get up to to $2,500 in bonus funds on your next deposit, so be sure to read about that option as well.

Don't miss the mobile sportsbook either!

BetLuckys Sportsbook knows many bettors are now happy to make wagers via their mobile device. That could mean BlackBerry, Apple, or Android. In each case, the mobile sportsbook can be viewed via the appropriate mobile browser. If you are already a member of the sportsbook, you can use those same details to log into your account and get started. According to their site, they are busy creating an app to use on iOS devices. More news on that when we get it.

So, you don't need a sportsbook app just yet?

No - the site is responsive and therefore works a treat on any mobile browser you happen to use. You can watch out for the iOS app if you have an iPad or iPhone, but there is no mention of anything coming soon for other devices.

Is there any chance of scooping a free bet?

We didn't see any details of such bets on the site. However, we would suggest you head for the bonuses section to see if anything like this might be available on occasion. You might also look elsewhere online to see if you can find details of a special offer for a BetLuckys sportsbook free bet. Just as casinos make other deals available elsewhere online, so might sportsbooks.

You may not see the same sportsbook limits across all sports

Once you have signed up to BetLuckys, check out the wagering limits on each sport. However, unless you are going to put down a big wager on a match or sport, there is a good chance you won't be affected by any limits that are in place. Most limits are for bigger players rather than casual ones.

Could you learn something from studying sportsbook betting trends?

It's possible. The more you know about how and why people place certain wagers on specific sports and matches, the more useful it could be for you. Maybe you would try a different wager if you knew more about the current trends in your favorite sport. If nothing else, the added information and intelligence makes things more exciting and interesting.

Where can you find out about making deposits and withdrawals?

Various logos for assorted payment methods are spread along the bottom of the BetLuckys site. There is a banking page available too, split into sections covering deposits and withdrawals. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are given for each one.

It's worth mentioning they accept cards, e-wallets, and Bitcoin, along with a bank draft or bank wire option.

Could you learn more by reading entries in a sportsbook forum?

The site itself doesn't have a forum, but you could read about the experiences other bettors have had at BetLuckys by reading entries on a forum. There are various online betting forums you could look at where members share their advice on using sportsbooks like this one.

What is their customer service like?

Firstly, you should note the huge FAQ area they have put together for you to read. We would encourage you to read through this before you even sign up. It's full of great info and advice. You can also look at the contact page, where details of getting in touch with them are provided. Look out for the toll-free phone number or the support email address. We didn't spot a live chat facility though.