Woyale Sportsbook

If you're in the market to try out some new sportsbooks, then you might want to try out Woyale Sportsbook. They just came out in June 2018 and have built their site with simplicity in mind and it's mobile friendly. One might ask, what does "Woyale" mean and why did they use that name? Actually, "Woyale" (wô-yä-lə) means "I placed bet" in Chinese. And by the looks of it, they are a cryptocurrency focused sportsbook with an online sports betting platform utilizing blockchain, Ethereum and smart contracts. They are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and are licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Quebec, Canada where there are lots of gaming companies located. There mission is to make player's entertainment experiences fairer, simpler, more enjoyable. And, like many new online sportsbooks, they are all using the cryptocurrencies as not only the basis for payment methods, but also as a brand and marketing focus. The design of the site is really simple and there isn't actually much to it. At the top of the site you will see the Woyale logo with a green casino chip as a graphic. To the right you will see the navigation for the site starting with the home button icon, how to bet, sports, games and search. To the far right is the help button, sign up, log in and the language drop down selector. You can choose between two languages: Chinese and English. For the main graphic, there are pictures of sporting events like football, soccer, basketball accompanied with copy like: "Tear down house, you set odds, or no deposit, just bet. Or Instant winnings delivery." Under the help tab there is a drop down with all the pages you need to get information like: FAQ's, Rules, Verification, Contract Code, Player Protections, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and the About Us. The signup process is pretty simple, they just ask for the country of residence, email, password, first name, last name, resident address, government ID, Ethereum Wallets and then you just have to verify your age to be over 19. Woyale is regulated and licensed under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is located in Canada. For members who have already registered, the username is your email and your password. On the how to bet page they have headings of information for basic concepts, workflow and how to bet. There is also a rule posted for the site stating that you must bet from an Ethereum address registered with woyale. Looks like the profit of a winning bet from an unregistered address will be forfeited and the original wager will be returned. If you need more details they advise you to go to see "Rules" for more details.

Bet On World Cup

For the sports tab on the site, at this point all they have are world cup games that are currently going on in Russia. There doesn't seem to be any other sports listed at this time. The focus of the site is on world cup, but could possibly adding more sports as they continue. With a brand new sports book they might be just starting to plan what they want to offer and are looking to branch out with more sports in due time.

Customer Service

In order to get hold of customer service in case the FAQ's don't have what you're looking for, then you can do that by email: thewoyale@gmail.com or Wechat: thewoyale and they do have a Facebook page and a Twitter account as well. Under the games tab in the navigation they list open, coming soon, closed and result posted and world cup games history. There they show the play time, tournament, match, result, total wagered and cancelled. They also have hot bets which are upcoming world cup games and they list the coming soon games that will be played in the next couple of days. On the rules page they list a total of 15 points that must be followed in order to play at this book. For the verify page you will see that fairness and transparency are the foundation and principles held dearly by Woyale. They obviously feel that players are entitled and fully capable to know every bet placed, every winning determined and every distribution dispensed. Then they list on how you can verify your bets, find all bets of a game, how returns and rake are calculated, verify your return and find all distributions of a game.

Smart Contract Code

Woyale does provide specifics on how their contract codes work. As indicated by them, the smart contract holds the player's wager, determines winners, and distribute returns, therefore it is important to know it does exactly what you expect it to do. Player's can get get the binary code on the site and opcode of any contract by visiting https://etherscan.io. All they need to do is enter the address of the contract, and click "Contract Code".

They also provide an extensive list of the ABI specification and Opcode of their contract for the player's convenience. To protect their intellectual property, they won't publish the source code, but you can request examine the source code, and compile it into opcode to verify those on Ethereum and the one posted here are true copies of it. It is technical for those who know what's going on with source code, but for the average person they should just contact customer support with any questions they may have.


Overall, the Woyale sportsbook is fairly limited with the sports offered at this time, buy they indicate that others sports are coming soon. You can only play with Ethereum which limits the payments methods for players looking for more options. The site does look good and navigate well on all mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Samsung mobile devices, Microsoft, Android and Blackberries. It's easy to search and with limited sports at this time, you pretty much have to bet on world cup until other sports are added. Over time this sportsbook could expand and it's definitely one to keep an eye on. It's licensed and regulated which looks like they could be in this for the long haul. Let's see how they come along in the next few months once football season starts and if they add other products and services like poker or even casino. Only time will tell. Play Now!