Bovada Vouchers

Banking options at Bovada Casino and Sportsbook are plentiful and extend beyond the traditional credit card or e-wallet. Players can deposit and withdraw using crypto and even Bovada Vouchers. Have you heard of them? Here's what you need to know.

What Is a Voucher?

Bovada Vouchers are player-to-player transfers between members of the Bovada Community. Players register with Bovada and access the Community posts. When you see a deal that appeals to you, you message the seller and make your offer and share how you plan to pay. You might offer to send funds via Zelle or send some Bitcoin to the other player.

Once the transaction is complete, you have a voucher to bring to the cashier. The funds are added to your balance and used for placing bets or playing online casino games for real money.

Selling your voucher is just as easy. Find someone looking to buy a voucher and let them know what you have. Tell them what payment methods you'll accept.

Completing a Trade

Whether you're purchasing or selling, the final step is to coordinate the voucher trade. Share screenshots proving the submission of funds. Make sure you've set any settings to prevent payment reversals. Once the payment is received, you or the other player sends the voucher code through a private message. Use that code immediately at the cashier and confirm that the code worked.

If there are ever issues, make sure you reach out to Bovada Community support moderators to get a quick resolution.

Using a Code to Add Funds

You have a voucher code, how do you use it? Log in and head to the cashier. Choose deposit and scroll down to find the "Voucher" option for banking. Enter the voucher code on the blank and click "Continue." If the code you were sent is valid, you'll get a message saying your funds were successfully deposited.

When depositing with a Bovada Voucher, pay attention to the limits. There is a $10 minimum and $3,000 maximum. If you haven't claimed a voucher code within six months of receiving it, the voucher and all funds associated with it disappear. Always claim voucher codes ASAP.

Withdrawing Winnings With a Voucher

You've won money and want to use a voucher for your casino payout. To do this, click "Withdraw" and scroll down to the "Voucher" payment method. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click "Request Withdrawal." You'll receive a message that your cashout request was sent and will be reviewed within X amount of hours.

Once the withdrawal request is approved, the system cues the voucher creation. It can take up to two business days for the voucher code to be emailed to you. Keep your eye out, as this code is necessary to sell vouchers to other players.

Selling Your Voucher to Another Player

If you want to send a voucher code to another player through the Community, you'll follow the same steps as you would for a withdrawal. Choose how much you want to sell and request the voucher. Once you have the code, go to the Community and post it. Once someone sends you funds via Bitcoin, Zelle, or your preferred payment option, send the voucher code you receive to them through an instant message.

Before using Bovada Vouchers, make sure you understand the rules. The terms of use make it clear that if you're scammed by a seller, the company is not responsible for any lost funds. Report it to the Community moderator, but you might not get your money back.

All deposits made with vouchers are subject to a 1x wagering requirement before a withdrawal request can be made.