Delaware Sports Betting

Delaware is known as the first state. This is because it was the first to ratify the Constitution back in the early days of our country. Perhaps it is fitting that Delaware will be known as the first state outside of Nevada to legalize sports betting. The 1992 Bill Bradley bill allowed Delaware to be grandfathered in with football parlays. They have been doing this since 2009. A parlay is when a bettor links bets together in the hope they win. One loss sinks the parlay. All of the bets must win. Thus, the infrastructure was already in place in Delaware to do sports wagering. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie led the effort in New Jersey. Garden State voters approved sports betting in a ballot measure. The state began suing for the right to launch this form of gambling. It eventually worked it's way up to the Supreme Court. They ruled in favor of sports gambling. Delaware beat New Jersey to the punch because they moved quickly to capitalize. NJ's Governor Phil Murphy chose to study the bill and lost out on potential revenue from the 2019 NBA Finals.

The sheer variety of being able to bet on different sports will appeal to folks who have been restricted to NFL three plus team parlays from 2009 till June 2024.

It is currently available at three locations in the blue hen state. They are horse tracks. They are Dover Downs, Delaware Park, and Harrington Raceway. Placing a sports bet at a Delaware sports book is relatively simple. You read the board or the sheet to see what the number is next to the team or teams you want to bet on. The next step involves going to the teller window. You say what type of bet it is like a single or parlay for example. The teller will type in the numbers you state to create your sports bet ticket. This paper ticket is your bet. Say your bet wins. You would simply return to the teller window and present your ticket. They feed it into their machine and give you the winnings.

Delaware is a convenient option for sports gamblers in the Philly/DC/NJ area. The tracks are near major roads. There are clearly displayed signs which will help you get to where you want to go.

It is still to be decided regarding the possibility of an app or online sportsbook. Legal online sportsbooks in the United States will obviously take a bite out of Caribbean sportsbooks like 5Dimes who get a lot of players from the United States since sportsbetting isn't legal in all 50 states yet.