Professional Fighters League

The Professional Fighters League recently announced a strategic partnership with sportsbook operator DraftKings. The signature part of this is the Professional Fighters League Pick 'Em fantasy game. It is easy to play, as sports fans simply predict four outcomes for each of the six fights.

"Our partnership with the Professional Fighters League is another example of our dedication to innovation and our never-ending quest to expand our sports offerings" said Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer at DraftKings. "Like our customers, PFL fans are extremely engaged and passionate, and this collaboration is an excellent example of what DraftKings seeks in partners who can connect with our growing community of players."

Mixed Martial Arts has millions of fans around the world and is seen as a growing sport that has gone mainstream. The recent UFC deal with ESPN is evidence of this. It's no surprise that a UFC competitor would want to emulate the UFC by trying to make a strategic partnership that could payoff with more fans and profits.