You Are Looking Live at Brent Musburger and Vsin

Brent Musberger is considered a legend in sports broadcasting. He called many memorable college football games over the years. His signature catchphrase was "You are looking live at..." because his game that he called usually opened with an aerial shot of the stadium that the game was going to be played in. Brent worked for ESPN and ABC Sports from 1990 to 2017. He retired to form a new venture which was based around one of his interests: gambling.

Musberger has formed the VSIN (Vegas Sports Information Network). This specializes in the art of handicapping which is defined as using information to make an informed bet as opposed to just making a gut call or randomly picking a winner. It is an online radio network. It does a video broadcast from the South Point Casino right near the Vegas Strip. There are also options for players to purchase information resources.

Brent certainly has come up with a valuable resource for players to make informed and smarter bets.