Olympics Betting Odds Preview

The Olympic Torch has arrived in Tokyo for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Set to begin Friday, 23 July 2021 the games will run all the way to Sunday, 8 August and there are a whole host of betting options available to fans of the games. The big question is always who will win the most medals this summer. As athletes compete to earn prestige for their country, and themselves; the fans cheer on their men and women, hoping that their country will win out.

Track and Field is always a big draw for wagering enthusiasts. Track events begin August 3rd. Eastern Europeans and Russians tend to dominate the favorites for the field events whereas North Americans have typically fared well in the track events. Big events to tune-in for are the Women’s and Men’s 100m sprint on August 4th and 5th respectively. Usain Bolt will once again be the guy to watch as he competes in the 100m and 200m sprints. If you are looking for some competitive odds look to the hurdle events on both the men’s and women’s sides where there are not many clear favorites.

There are also some interesting numbers on the cycling events which take place from July 28th to August 7th. Australian and British names are topping the odds lists in the cycling events and with an assortment of competition formats these events will be fun to watch.

Also worth checking out for event variety and close odds are the swimming events. It is not the summer Olympics without some good swimming. The new name to watch out for is Ryan Lochte of the USA who will be competing in many individual events; and is even favored above Michael Phelps in all events where they will meet.

Big team events not to miss are Soccer and Basketball. Brazil, Spain then Uruguay are favored on the men’s side of soccer while USA, Brazil and Japan are the top three on the women’s side. It would be fantastic to see Spain win in these games after just taking the Euro title and defending World Cup champions. In Basketball USA is the run-away favorite to win the men’s side with Spain and Argentina in second and third. Likewise on the women’s side USA is heavily favored to win while Australia and Russia are favored at two and three.

There is also some good action on the tennis and volleyball courts or you could take it indoors for some table tennis to see if the Chinese will put on a show.

There will be lots of other great feats of strength, endurance, speed and skill to enjoy so be sure to check out all your favorite events plus a few new ones; wresting, taekwondo, weightlifting, fencing and even gymnastics are always a pleasure. Get your family and friends together and make an event out of it, pick your winners and cheer hard!