Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets Guide

There are literally over a thousand different prop bets for Super Bowl 49. Here are some of the best options.

Player to score first touchdown in the game

There are a wide variety of options but the best best is Russell Wilson at 12-1 odds. He makes plays with his feet on a consistent basis and gives you a legit running threat in the end zone. Plus in the NFL pass interference in the end zone results in the ball being placed on the 1 yard line, opening up a play action rollout run for Wilson.

Total Passing attempts by Tom Brady - Over/Under 36.5

Take the over! This seems like the best of all the bets. The Patriots will not be able to run against Seattle with the success that they had last week. The game is likely to be close and The Patriots will likely trust Brady with the ball in his hands.

Brandon Lafell total receiving yards - Over/Under 52.5

Take the Over. The Seahawks have a tough pas defense but their one on one coverage does allow for the big play. Label is Brady's favorite big play target.

Total Receptions Rob Gronkowski - Over/Under 5.5

Take the UNDER. This seems like a bet that you would obviously take the over, however the Seahawks have practiced for two weeks and will likely have a plan to stop Gronk. They also have the Kam Chancellor who is the ideal coverage safety.

Total rushing yards Marshawn Lynch - Over/Under 89.5

Take the Over. Lynch is a determined runner that will find a way to break a big play regardless of how the game is going and how many carries he gets. With this looking like its going to be a close game expect him to get more than his share of carries.

Total Receptions Jermaine Kearse - Over/Under 2.5

Take the over. Pearse has caught a touchdown pass in 4 straight games and has emerged as Wilsons top target. He will get several passes thrown his way throughout the game and is likely to get 3 grabs.

Coin Toss Heads vs Tails

Take Tails because Tails never fails! (Joke this bet is literally a coin toss)

Team to score first

Take the Patriots. They have a lot of built up frustration with the "InflateGate" drama and will be eager to prove that they can score with properly inflated footballs.

Total team points Seattle - Over/Under 24

Take the over. Seattle is going to find a way to score against a Patriot defense that has several holes.

Team to score longest touchdown in the game

Take the Patriots. With the aggressive play that the Seahawks use in coverage, they will leave their defensive backs in one one one coverage. Brady is certain to exploit that at some point

How many successful 3 point field goals will be kicked in the game- Over/Under 2.5

Take the over. Both defenses have the ability to tighten up around the goal line and it should lead to several field goal attempts from 2 very reliable kickers.

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