Super Bowl Prop Bets

We are looking at a true battle of the titans this weekend with the San Francisco 49ers clashing with the Kansas City Chiefs, live from Miami Gardens on Fox. This is one of the biggest totals that the Super Bowl has ever seen. In this particular case, the over under has risen from 53 to 55, and may even rise further by the time the game starts!

Don’t Count the Chiefs Out

The Chiefs are a very offense of team, having a 1.5 point lead as the favourite going into the first time they’ve been to the Super Bowl in over 50 years. The 49ers, on the other hand, are kings in the defense industry, punching back hard with some big players they managed to snag, such as Jimmy Garoppolo and RB Raheem Mestert.

A question on everybody’s mind is whether the starting tailback Kevin Coleman is going to be able to play at all. Having dislocated his shoulder, he wasn’t even able to practice this past week. From the Chiefs, Kelce also wasn’t able to practice, but was seen later in the week and is still fully expected to hit the field.

This game is clearly going to be a battle of touchdowns, with San Francisco having an impressive track record going into it, and Kansas City having an even more impressive track record of shutting those down. The Chiefs retain the favorite spot going into the game at Hard Rock Stadium, but anything can change going into things based on what players will actually be able to play!

How Did We Get Here?

As a quick rundown of the history of both teams, Kansas City is definitely a team everyone had largely written out of the books. This all changed this past year when they snag some key players from other teams, rocketing themselves to stardom in short order. The San Francisco 49ers, on the other hand, are Super Bowl regulars that are always chomping at the bit to get in. There has never been such a split in the betting world as there is a Sunday’s two teams, which no one thought would ever be featured in the Super Bowl alongside one another! As proof of that, this Sunday’s game is tied for the fourth largest total of any Super Bowl in history. The record itself is 57 points, and this one may even be higher by the time the referee tosses the coin!

Who Should You Bet On?

Don’t let San Francisco’s winning streak fool you, however,. This is very much a different Kansas City going into this game. They’ve never played like this and they never had a track record like this before. Everyone underestimated them going into the Super Bowl, which is part of the reason they made it here today! If there was one team we would not write off, it’s definitely Kansas City. No matter where you place your bets, however, just be sure to get them in on time!