Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl 56 is the most significant North American sporting event with the most followers. There are numerous betting markets and exceptional odds for the big game. The event is in Los Angeles, CA, on Feb. 13.

NFL Odds: Rams Remain Favorites for Super Bowl LVI Tilt with Bengals

The Los Angeles Rams were one of the most impressive teams in the league this year, so it’s no surprise they’re still 4-point favorites over the Cincinnati Bengals for Super Bowl LVI this Sunday (6:30 PM ET, NBC). And given how strong the Rams’ defense has been, it’s easy to see why the total is down from 50 to 48.5 points at Bovada Sportsbook as we go to press.

Los Angeles (15-5 SU, 10-10 ATS) finished the regular season second overall in fewest passing touchdowns allowed at 17, and they’ve given up only three majors through the air in three playoff games. Their fearsome pass rush will be trouble for the Bengals (13-7 SU and ATS) and their thin offensive line, which allowed QB Joe Burrow to get sacked a league-worst 51 times.

Reaching the end zone should be harder for both clubs after they saw their top tight ends get hurt in the Conference Championships. Rams TE Tyler Higbee and Bengals TE CJ Uzomah were both held out of practice this past Friday after suffering strained MCLs during their wins over San Francisco and Kansas City, respectively. Both are considered questionable at best for the big game.

Types of Prop Bets - Exotic Prop Bets

A prop bet is a wager that doesn't necessarily correlate with the game's outcome. Rather than betting on wins and losses, total score, or point spread, you bet on things such as how many yards a player rushes for or how many touchdowns pass a quarterback throw. What makes prop betting so compelling is that you can bet on things you would not typically consider. That may include the color of Gatorade the winning coach drinks or the result of the opening toss of the coin. Prop bets are known as proposition bets, are for the Super Bowl are bets outside of the standard odds for the game, including spreads, Money-lines, Over, and Understand. They have graded on game occurrences, team and player performances as happenings during the event. Upper Bowl props are an alternative to the traditional Super Bowl odds markets like point spread, moneyline, and Over/Under the total. You can focus props on game happenings, individual teams, player performances, and events before, during, and after the final whistle blows. Betting Super Bowl betting props is not only a great way to remain thoroughly engaged throughout; however, also to diversify your Super Bowl betting, spreading the action to different parts of the contest. Props offer exotic wagers that will undoubtedly attract a broad audience beyond standard NFL fans.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LVI (2022)

  1. Los Angeles Rams +750
  2. Cincinnati Bengals +1400

Super Bowl LVI Props - Early Super Bowl Moneyline

  1. NFC -115
  2. AFC -105

Halftime Prop Odds:

First headlining artist to be shown during the halftime show 2 or more artists simultaneously +175

  1. Snoop Dogg +275
  2. Dr. Dre +325
  3. Eminem +350
  4. Mary J. Blige +500
  5. Kendrick Lamar +550

  1. Total songs played during the halftime show

  1. Over 10.5
  2. Under 10.5

First song to be played during the halftime show

  1. The Next Episode +300
  2. California Love +350
  3. Lose Yourself +450
  4. Family Affair +600
  5. Nuthin’ But a 'G' Thang +600
  6. All The Stars +600
  7. Drop It Like It's Hot +700
  8. Still D.R.E. +900
  9. HUMBLE. +900

Last song to be played during the halftime show

  1. Still D.R.E. +350
  2. Drop It Like It's Hot +450
  3. Lose Yourself +500
  4. The Next Episode +500
  5. HUMBLE. +600
  6. Nuthin’ But a 'G' Thang +600
  7. California Love +600
  8. Family Affair +700
  9. All The Stars +800

First Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg song to be played

  1. The Next Episode -175
  2. Still D.R.E. +225
  3. Nuthin’ But a 'G' Thang +300

Eminem's hair color during his first appearance

  1. Brown/Black -125
  2. White/Blonde +125
  3. Any other color +400

Will there be a guest performer?

  • Yes -120
  • No -120

How many headlining artists will wear sunglasses?

  1. 2 +150
  2. 1 +175
  3. 3 +225
  4. 4 +400
  5. 5 +600

Commercial Prop Odds:

Which Anheuser-Busch brand commercial will run first?

  1. Budweiser +170
  2. Bud Light Next +240
  3. Cutwater Spirits +350
  4. Michelob Ultra +400
  5. Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda +600
  6. Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer +700

Highest number of Clydesdale horses shown at the same time?

  • 8 or more +100
  • 4 +200
  • 5 +400
  • 6 +550
  • 7 +750

Who will be seen first in Michelob Ultra commercial?

  • John Goodman +125
  • John Turturro +150
  • Jeff Bridges +175

What will be said first in Michelob Ultra commercial?

  • Dude -200
  • Jesus +150


Coin Toss

Coin Toss outcome

Heads -101

Tails -101

Will team call coin toss correctly?

Yes -105

No -105

What will Rams elect if win coin toss?

Defer +100

Receive -140

Will team that wins coin toss win game?

Yes -105

No -105


MVP winning position

Quarterback -225

Any Other Position +160

MVP winning position

Offensive Player -2000

Defensive Player +500

Kicker/Punter +2500

Will MVP say he’s going to Disneyland or Disney World?

Yes +550

No -1000

Who will be named MVP?

Matthew Stafford +125

Joe Burrow +225

Cooper Kupp +550

Aaron Donald +1200

Ja'Marr Chase +2000

Odell Beckham Jr. +2500

Cam Akers +2800

Joe Mixon +3300

Von Miller +3300

Evan McPherson +4000

Jalen Ramsey +4000

Tee Higgins +5000

Tyler Boyd +6600

Sony Michel +8000

Trey Hendrickson +8000

CJ Uzomah +10000

Eric Weddle +10000

Kendall Blanton +10000

Tyler Higbee +10000

Van Jefferson +10000

Matt Gay +12500

B.J. Hill +15000

Sam Hubbard +15000

Eli Apple +20000

Vonn Bell +20000

Samaje Perine +25000

Drew Sample +30000


Joe Burrow

Passing Yards O/U 277.5

Pass Attempts O/U 36.5

Pass Completions O/U 24.5

Passing Touchdowns O/U 1.5

Longest Completion O/U 38.5 yards

Rush Attempts O/U 2.5

Rushing yards O/U 12.5

Longest Rush O/U 8.5 yards

Interceptions O/U .5

Will Joe Burrow throw an interception?

Yes +140

No -180

Matthew Stafford

Passing Yards O/U 283.5

Pass Attempts O/U 35.5

Pass Completions O/U 24.5

Passing Touchdowns O/U 2.5

Longest Completion O/U 38.5 yards

Rush Attempts O/U 2.5

Rushing yards O/U 5.5

Interceptions O/U .5

Will Matthew Stafford throw an interception?

Yes -165

No +125

Which quarterback will have most rushing attempts?

Stafford +110

Burrow -140

Running Backs

Most Rushing Yards

Cam Akers -105

Joe Mixon +100

Darrell Henderson Jr. +750

Sony Michel +750

Joe Burrow +3000

Samaje Perine +3000

Cam Akers

Rushing Yards O/U 65.5

Rush Attempts O/U 16.5

Total Receptions O/U 2.5

Receiving Yards O/U 16.5

Longest Rush O/U 13.5 yards

Will Cam Akers score a TD?

Yes +110

No -140

Joe Mixon

Rushing Yards O/U 63.5

Rush Attempts O/U 16.5

Total Receptions O/U 3.5

Receiving Yards O/U 26.5

Longest Rush O/U 13.5 yards

Will Joe Mixon score a TD?

Yes +100

No -130

Will any player have 100+ rushing yards?

Yes +100

No -130

Will Bengals score a rushing TD?

Yes -160

No +130

Will Rams score a rushing TD?

Yes -165

No +135


Most Receiving Yards

Cooper Kupp -120

Ja’Marr Chase +275

Tee Higgins +500

Odell Beckham Jr. +650

Tyler Boyd +2000

Van Jefferson +2400

Cooper Kupp

Receiving Yards O/U 107.5

Total Receptions O/U 8.5

Total Targets O/U 11.5

Longest Reception O/U 28.5 yards

Distance of first reception O/U 12.5 yards

Will Cooper Kupp score a TD?

Yes -180

No +150

Odell Beckham Jr.

Receiving Yards O/U 65.5

Total Receptions O/U 5.5

Total Targets O/U 7.5

Longest Reception O/U 22.5 yards

Distance of first reception O/U 9.5 yards

Will Odell Beckham Jr. score a TD?

Yes +120

No -150

Ja’Marr Chase

Receiving Yards O/U 80.5

Total Receptions O/U 5.5

Total Targets O/U 8

Longest Reception O/U 27.5 yards

Distance of first reception O/U 11.5 yards

Will Ja’Marr Chase score a TD?

Yes +115

No -145

Tyler Boyd

Receiving Yards O/U 40.5

Total Receptions O/U 3.5

Total Targets O/U 5.5

Longest Reception O/U 27.5 yards

Distance of first reception O/U 8.5 yards

Will Tyler Boyd score a TD?

Yes +250

No -325

Will any player have 125+ receiving yards?

Yes -200

No +150


Total points

Odd -120

Even +100

Bengals total points

Over 21.5

Under 21.5

Rams total points

Over 27.5

Under 27.5

Will first score be a touchdown

Yes -220

No +150

Largest lead by either team

Over 16.5 points

Under 16.5 points

Will there be a missed field goal?

Yes +115

No -145

Will there be a missed PAT?

Yes +300

No -400

Will there be a scoreless quarter?

Yes +325

No -450

Will there be a penalty for taunting?

Yes +600

No -1500

Will there be a safety?

Yes +800

No -2000

Will there be a commercial for Major Motion Pictures?

Yes -300

No +200

How many commercials will have a baby in it?

Over 2

Under 2

What NFT (or part of NFT) will be shown first during any commercial?

Nouns -150

Bored Ape Yacht Club +150

VeeFriends +200

Mutant Ape Yacht Club +400

World of Women +500

Beeple +600

CloneX +1000

CryptoPunks +1200

Cool Cats +1600

Doodles +2500

Which cryptocurrency company commercial will be shown first? -200

FTX +150

Will commercial show Lakers/Clippers arena?

Yes +250

No -400

Will Mark Zuckerberg avatar be shown in Meta commercial?

Yes -150

No +110

Which automobile company commercial will be shown first?

Kia +125

BMW +140

Toyota +190

National Anthem Prop Odds:

Length of National Anthem by Mickey Guyton

Over 95 seconds

Under 95 seconds

Length of word "brave" sung during National Anthem

Over 6.5 seconds

Under 6.5 seconds

Will Mickey Guyton show cleavage?

Yes -175

No +135

Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem?

Yes -250

No +170

Which coach will be shown first during the National Anthem?

Sean McVay -150

Zac Taylor +110

Which player will be shown first during the National Anthem?

Joe Burrow -130

Matthew Stafford -110

Will Joe Biden be shown during the National Anthem?

  • Yes -3000
  • No +900

How many planes will be shown during flyover?

  1. Over 5
  2. Under 5

Player Props

Player props are broadly available for NFL games; however, they are massive markets for high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, allowing for multiple ways to stake on every player's performance on the field of play and off-field.

MVP Prop Bets

Betting on who ultimately wins Super Bowl MVP is one of the most straightforward player props bet for Super Sunday. Skill positions and top-star players are generally among the fan favorites, including the starting quarterbacks. Be very careful when taking longshots, as a quarterback won an MVP in 30 out of 54 Super Bowl editions so far.

Player Over/Under Props

Player Over/Under props are totals that are on crucial stats for individual players and their positions, such as the total number of passing yards of the quarterback or a receiver's total number of catches. Oddsmakers release an Over/Under total for those player stats, and bettors can wager on if they will go Over or Under those performance totals during the game.

Touchdown Props

Touchdown props are famous for the Super Bowl. Touchdown props are available in various ways, including the player to score a touchdown first, the player who scores a touchdown at any time, and players scoring several touchdowns, two-plus or three-plus.

Props and Odds

Game props relate to stats or occurrences happening throughout the game, such as the opening kickoff, the first play of the game, or Over/Under the total amount of turnovers by both teams.

First Offensive

The first offensive play prop is a pretty quick-hitting wager that hinges entirely on the type of bet on the first offensive snap of the game, whether a run or pass. Apart from that basic bet, some first offensive play props allow you to pick between run, pass, incompletion, sack, and turnover.

First Score Play

The first scoring play prop for the Super Bowl allows you to wager how You register the Big Game's first points. The prop breaks down into scoring options such as field goal, touchdown, and safety. However, some bookies choose to post just two possibilities: touchdown and another.

Number of Penalties Scored

Super Bowl fans can stake on the number of penalties called during the game and the number of penalties committed by the teams. The prop is often an Over/Under options, with bookmakers setting an expected number of penalties and bettors wagering on the last count is Over or Under that total.

Alternative Props

With games as big as this one, the prop betting options are almost endless, with thousands of alternative ways to place a stake on the Big Superball Game. Popular game props include Will someone score in the first 5 minutes of the game? Will there be special teams touchdown? Will a team leave three unanswered scores?

Exotic Prop Bets

Exotic Super Bowl prop bets are a favorite with all fans, allowing one to stake on the game and the event of Super Bowl Sunday. Exotic props often aren't graded by what's in the box score or even what happens on the football field. Super Bowl strange prop bets are trendy; however, they aren't available in all regions. Online bookies offer the most extensive and wildest menu of exotics.

National Anthem

Before the ball snaps, you can wager on the national anthem as a Super Bowl prop. The most popular way to place a stake on the Star-Spangled Banner's singing is the overall length. Sportsbooks post Over/Unders on how long the singer sings the national anthem, and you can wager on whether it's Over or Under for the performance duration.

The Toss of the Coin

Betting on the coin toss is a popular prop bet offered at practically all bookies. The most common is to bet the coin toss by picking which side the winning flip will be, Head or Tails. There isn't that much handicapping or research you can do for the prop pick, like the toss of the coin with a 50/50 chance of landing on your side of choice.

Halftime Prop Bets

The Super Bowl halftime show has a massive menu of exotic and unexpected prop betting options. Online sportsbooks have a lot of fun with the featured stats and performers. Who will headline the Super Bowl LV halftime show? If you have a gut feeling about which song will be performed first or which special guest may appear, the chances are you can place a bet on that.

More Exotic Props

The imagination of online oddsmakers only limits exotic Super Bowl betting props. The wild, fun markets have exploded over the past decade, covering everything from famous Super Bowl ads to who the MVP thanks first. Some of the most notorious exotics include, Will the announcers reference the point spread? Which commercial airs first? How many times will the quarterback's wife appear on camera? Who will the MVP thank first: the team, family, fans, or God?

Betting Prop Tips for the Super Bowl

While Super Bowl betting props are lots of fun, you should have a clear strategy and follow some tips to ensure you end up in the Big Game's black. The chances are if you are betting Super Bowl props, you likely have a wager on the point spread or total. Use the stakes you make to build a narrative around the game playing out and what the teams have to do to get the expected results.

Avoid Contradictions

With so many Super Bowl bets available, it is effortless to get your action tangled up. Make sure you are not betting against yourself by contradicting your last chances. If you like using Overs, do not place a wager on the Under when you score or pass props. If you like betting on the underdog to cover the spread, don't bet on the favorite to go Over their yardage props. Betting on props has long been considered a somewhat square market. With the rapid expansion in prop offerings and the improvements in analytics, and sharper bettors, professional gamblers love the opening prop odds. If you attempt to make the most of the numbers, pay adequate attention to the earliest prop odds movement from 12 to 24 hours after sportsbooks release those betting markets. Bookies tend to adjust quickly to those strong early opinions. If you are waiting until Super Sunday to get your prop bets down, you're likely to get the worst of the number.

Shop Around

Betting sites improve their prop markets in February with more Big Game betting options. Plenty of props are identical in terms of their format; however, the totals and the juice/vig will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. If you have multiple sportsbooks available to you, don't be afraid to shop around for the best return on your prop betting opinions.

Who to Bet on:?

The most anticipated football game of the NFL season is on the horizon, as the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle to be champions on Feb. 7 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. The betting line suggests we can expect a close game, and it is the props that offer a preview into how the game goes. From entertaining angles like how long the national anthem is and whether the coin flip comes up head or tails, to critical parts of the game like who scores first and last and who's named MVP, there are over 1,000 ways to dissect the game and everything around it.