2018 World Cup Odds & Picks
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Soccer is a global sport. Franchises like Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Barcelona are worth a ton. There is an international soccer tournament every four years to determine the best. It is called the World Cup. The 2018 one is currently being held in Russia. Gambling is an activity beloved around the world. People risk money in hope of doubling it with a win. Sports betting combines sports and gambling for a great experience. The hardworking and top notch team at 5Dimes offer you the opportunity to bet on the world's biggest soccer tournament.

Here are their odds to win the 2018 world cup.

Brazil +410
Germany +460
Spain +600
France +650
Argentina +950
Belgium +1100
England +1750
Portugal +2500
Uruguay +2800
Croatia +3300
Colombia +4000
Russia +5000
Poland +7000
Denmark +11000
Switzerland +12500
Mexico +12500
Serbia +17500
Peru +17500
Senegal +20000
Sweden +20000
Nigeria +25000
Egypt +25000
Iceland +30000
Japan +40000
Morocco +45000
Costa Rica +55000
Australia +60000
Iran +75000
South Korea +75000
Tunisia +90000
Panama +150000
Saudi Arabia +150000

Safe Pick: France - France is on a roll. This is a veteran team that is starting to play well. France will get on a run to the Final 4.

Value Pick: Portugal is currently +2500 on 5Dimes. This comes out to 25 to 1. Portugal presents the perfect storm. They put up a brave and gutsy performance against Spain who is one of the favorites to win it all. Portugal has talent. You might have heard of their best player. His name is Christiano Ronaldo. The great one put up all three of their goals. Portugal also has veteran experience. They recently won a European soccer tournament. Portugal will not let you down. There is a lot of potential to watch your bank roll dramatically explode like how Ronaldo did vs Spain. Bet on Portugal.

Team to Avoid: Uruguay - There's a famous quote in gambling that good teams win but great teams cover. Ladies and gentlemen Uruguay was favored by one goal. That means that winning by one does not get the job done for Uruguay bettors. They had to win by a MINIMUM of one goal for the intrepid souls who bet on them or wove them into a parlay. They were playing Egypt. I don't know if you know this but the land of pyramids isn't a big hotbed for soccer. Luis Suarez and Uruguay only won the game one to nothing resulting in a push for single bettors or even worse a loss for parlay players. Uruguay doesn't have that eye of the tiger spirit. The team led by the flesh biter will fizzle out early.