Online Gambling In Michigan

Republican Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder surprised a lot of his fellow Wolverines when he chose to veto an online gambling bill that had passed the Michigan legislature.

Snyder expressed concern that online gambling would "cannibalize" profits from land based casinos and the state lottery. The lotto sends a whopping 924 million to the state's School Aid Fund. The Governor pointed out that the Fund gets about $2.76 from every ten Michigan residents spend on the lottery. A projection has The Lawful Internet Gaming Act giving about 4 cents from every ten dollars set aside for the fund. The Governor also stated that internet casino revenue growth is not clear.

Rick Snyder is on his way out due to term limits. His successor Gretchen Whitmer is a Democrat. She is on the record as supporting sports betting. It's not clear where Whitmer stands in regards to online casino gambling. The legislative sponsor of the Lawful Internet Gaming Act has vowed to try again when the new session of the state legislature starts on January 9th. Time will tell how this pans out in Michigan.