Partnership Between the NBA and MGM Resorts

The National Basketball Association recently launched an interesting partnership with MGM Resorts. This is in relation to information and data. Knowledge of information related to a team or game is a tool sports bettors can use to make a more informed wager as opposed to simply throwing money at a side and hoping they win.

One result of this will be lines that are based on official NBA stats and information. This is as opposed to lines that are made by lines makers who go based on instinct or how they interpret certain things. NBA commissioner Adam Silver describes the NBA-MGM data sharing as "resulting in the best possible gaming and entertainment experience for consumers."

The professional sports leagues have historically kept Vegas casinos at an arms length. This is because they fear fixed games. This partnership alleviates some concerns. It allows the National Basketball Association to monitor and analyze gambling activity on their games. The league can keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious betting activity.

This is a three year deal worth twenty five million dollars. This amount pales in comparison to some of the recent TV contracts which go into the billions. However, the NBA deserves credit for being ahead of the curve in regards to partnering with an emerging industry that impacts their business.