4.5 Million in Prize Money: the Westgate NFL Super Contest

Gambling is risking money in the hopes of gaining more. However, some gamblers like to increase their odds of success. They study data such as a team's record against the spread. They analyze factors like injuries or player performance. These gamblers are handicapping as the term is called. They are putting thoughtful and educated effort into their wagers based on information they have analyzed.

Football is currently America's most popular sport. Millions of Americans like to follow their favorite team. An equal number like to bet on it. There is a contest that puts this skill of trying to expertly handicap NFL games to the test. It is the world famous Westgate NFL Super Contest. It runs for the NFL season. It is run by the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is 4.5 million dollars in prize money to be won. The top 100 ranked contestants get paid. First place will get $1,422,214.20. Non-Nevada residents have the option of hiring a proxy to put in their weekly NFL Super Contest selections.